Quaife 6 speed sequential Box for 2ZZ-GE

At Autsport show yesterday Quaife had their new 6 speed sequential gearbox for the Toyota 2ZZ-GE motor. It’s going to retail at around �5k which will require the standard Toyota casing to be sent to Quaife for them to add their sequential bits to it. Great option for track use and not hugely expensive compared with other sequential options out there.

Did it still have my drool all over it? I spent quite some time on the stand talking to them about it.

They’re also going to do a 6 speed dog engagement kit for the Toyota box if there’s enough interest. About �3k for the gear kit. Good news.

What torque will either of these boxes handle ?

It was nice, not sure about torque tho Jonny but BHP was about 200 I think :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I wish tossers lol…

As nice as a sequential box is on a track only car, I wouldn’t even consider one for road use. There’s also a very good reason why a Sadev box costs around �15K :wink:

How about a to and from track day car mate?

I agree with Pesky, I wouldn’t even consider a straight cut dog box (sequential or H pattern) in a car used on the road, they are bloody horrible to live with. They need regular servicing and also I would never buy a Quaife one, they make there gears out of dairylea. I know a lot of people who have had a lot of problems with them. I tried my hardest with one for about 3 years.

As Pesky says you pays your money and you takes your choice.

Oh and on servicing, mine went back to Quaife about half a dozen times for servicing and it was never less than 4 figures each time.

Depends on where the trackday is, you tosser! :smiley:

Obviously yourself would be okay on the short trip to Donington :slight_smile:

Oh I don’t want one, just wondered. I only like going back and forth when I’m…

This should be good lol

[quote=jonnyfox]Oh I don’t want one, just wondered. I only like going back and forth when I’m…
… With Jackie Degg ?? :wink:

Stop it :blush:

At the Autosport show the guy from Quaife said a French Lotus Team was trialing the new gearbox. This will be the one…

- YouTube

Looks good to me!

does sound good, but what about on a heavier Exige with over 300hp that is driven to and from the track?

Im with Sean on this, dont even consider a Quaife sequential, save up and buy a Sadev, awesome bit of kit when they are working ok, but very fragile

What’s the point of having a fragile sequential gearbox? I thought they’d all be bullet proof…compared to the standard box at least?

When you were at the show did you ask them how many they have produced. How many they initially intend to build. And what sort of testing they have performed. I’d like to be proved wrong but seems to me that they might be using the initial customers as test pilots. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that once the development is complete we can all benefit.

Quick question on all the sequential options. Are any of them setup for flat shift?

From what I Was told, the French team were testing the box and they had done lots of hard miles without a problem. I vaguely remember over 1500 race miles and still going strong being mentioned.

Flat shifting is possible but they said it would reduce gearbox life. They recommended a slight throttle lift and you can crack up the gears all you like.

I got the impression the box is ready for customers and that Quaife were pleased with it.

A sequential box (of whatever make) is “very high maintainence”. If you’re a racer with a big budget - no problem go for it, but if you’re not, forget it! Totally pointless for road/trackday use imho.

I wonder how Caterham R500 owners get on with their Quaife sequential boxes? It’s a totally different gearbox I know, but I wonder if these are proving reliable and low-ish maintenance and hassle free? They’re being sold on new cars after all.

So’s Steph, I am used to it.


I have twenty five quid and I like racing corsa’s from the lights, do I qualify?


What about going to Asda and that? maybe the odd trip to the trafford center?