Proxes T1-R's

Just had a set fitted - I am praying they get better with age or that I need to scrub off the release agent coz they feel horrid after the 048’s

You will be able to see how my car on T1-Rs compared to loads of other exiges if you get a copy of the croft DVD, cos there will be about five minutes of my car on it…

They are OK, but nowhere near as good as the 048s in dry conditions !!

They take quite a few miles to bed in and are complete rubbish until they do. Actually, they are fairly rubbish even when they have bedded in.

Cheap and cheerful .

Somebody really needs to try the Goodyear Eagle F1s. They come in the right sizes.


NOOOO! don’t trust the Toyo T1-R’s.
I had bought a set a few months ago and only used them on the road. Wet grip in the city is ok. Gentle road runs, ok.

Used in anger anywhere, they’re rubbish.
Basically they were made for heavier cars, the rubber is just too hard for our weight.

I’m just back from the first 1 1/2 days of the Tut Towers event, and it was the first time I used them in anger.
At Knockhill it made tha car be all over the place, and it was fun doing some long drifts. But I could hear the tyres screaming even before they were really going sideways.
Lots of impromptu (and non-linear) lock ups under braking.

On the road I had a few scares with them sliding and locking (dry conditions, although a bit dusty) until… I finally had a prang!

Yes sirs, I need now a new front clam, splitter and crash structure.
Went straight on a really stupid T junction, unadvertised after a hill.
Hit earth and grass, about 15cm tall, but too tall for the splitter anyway.
Left the splitter there

It was not a case of speeding but more like the non-existing signals for the situation and compoundd by the fact that the tyres offered no grip when needed.
And I noticed that a few times.
But hey, nobody to blame but me. I was driving and I had those tyres when I could have had the Yokos or my other favourite, the Kumhos.

So, do yourself a favour and destroy them on airfield days, probably on a Walshy trainig day.
They should be good for sliding, as they will last forever.

But not for any serious driving.

As soon as my car is repaired I will get rid of mine.

The irony of it all is that the car was driving sweeter than ever, even on my way back, with the splitter in the passenger seat

Sheete…Unlucky, My AO39’s have just come to their end & I was going to get a set but decided to go for 48’s. Glad I did now

Sorry to hear your news Uldis

Sorry to hear the news Uldis. Your car was looking fantastic at Croft too .

Well, I guess [censored] happens, but it wasn’t that bad.
The drive back felt like the best one, even better than before

It’s just that the splitter when it was ripped off took a little of the crash structure with it, so It would need to be changed

Oh, well, it’ll be back on the road in no time.

Bad luck Uldis.

I need some new rears - think I’ll stick with 39s.

…I finally had a prang!

Gutted for you Uldis!

Tough break, Uldis…

Interesting to hear your perceptions of the T1-Rs…

Certainly following Chris on his slicks in the bends, I had no chance at all, but generally they were not too bad…

However the 048s later in the day were altogether better, and on a totally different plane!!

If you only have one set of wheels, and no friendly tyre fitter, get 048s every time, (or maybe the Kumhos ???)

Thanks for the info and bad luck Uldis - that sh*tty feeling is a tough one. Scraped the girlfriends Jag on saturday farrying bridesmaids about - luckily T cut will sort it but mank feeling esp b4 you see the damage

Took it for a blast yesterday and it was better but I wont trust it at all. No where near able to ring it’s neck - they are miles off the Yokos.

PS - the chaps who fitted them told me the treadwear rating of the 048’s at 60 is about the softest available for the road. The proxes are - wait for it - 280!!! I am guessing this is some sort of rockwell hardness rating? Any way mega hard!

Toyo have just brought out a track day tyre but only have the rear size at the moment. Look similar pattern to 048’s and very soft/caution in the wet sort of thing and cheaper than the Yokos. He’s going to let me know when the fronts are available.


Well, good find! (the 60 Vs 280 bit)
Wonder what the other tyres fall on.

You could also look at the tyres I was using at Croft, it’s the Ecsta V70A, here:

I rate them highly, on par with the A048’s.
And they were the medium compound ones.

Those Kumho’s on Uldis’ car did seem very good

Hi Guys - found the link to the Toyos

clickety click to Toyos…

…rating of the 048’s at 60 is about the softest available for the road. The proxes are - wait for it - 280!!!

I understand 39s are about 110.



i’ve said a few times on here that i don’t rate T1-S and i’m not sure how different the T1-R is but me no likey the T1-S…

people rave about their wet grip, but to be honest i felt they ‘snapped’ quicker than a ‘48-on-ice’ and they gave me a few scary moments.

I took them off after about 6000 miles and 6 or more attempts at destroying them on track-days… they are still in the garage and not down to the wear limits yet !!!

they are indestructable but need the extra heavy cars if you ask me…

Catch 22 - they only wear out on a dry track, and you only use them on a wet track!!

Thanks for the info. Getting used to them now but they are certainly slowing me down.

I was told that…
The 'R’s have more tread (rubber) on the outer edges to beef them up as the 'S’s would wear much more in heavey cornering, in particular track days. The 'R’s superceed the ‘S’ I understand although both are available still

I cant ask much - the full set was only �311 fitted!

If anyone is interested in a good price and excellent availability speak to Jason at Motorsport Wheels
Motorsport Wheels
0113 218 8777
Unit 2
The Courtyards Victoria Rd
LS14 2LB

They are trade but will deal with decent motors and strictly NO PLONKERS - so no one on should have a problem
Mainly Toyo but I think they can get all sorts inc Yokos