Post Donington 31/10/2001

Nice to see the Exiges out in force again.We enjoyed the day and night! and it was good to see a few more new faces (you know who you are!)Sorry if we didnt get chance to say bye to some of you but we had some sort of problem with the yellow monsterand we decided to set off early only to leave all our gearbox oil on the M1, Think it popped a drive shaft? Now requires a holidayat Pit Lane me tinks.

Sorry to hear that, mate [image][/image]Ya mota will definately get some TLC from the Pit Lane Crew [image][/image] Sounds like a good idea to meet up again on the “right side” of the Pennines [image][/image]CU guys again soon then?

You’re not the only one Brannan. On the way out I noticed an Exige parked up on the exit road. It was none other than Admin5 [image][/image] His engine was a bit rough, he tried to “drive through it” then smoke started creeping into the cockpit. I left him waiting for the AA [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

I had a great day out despite all the troubles.The car kept overheating after a few laps (not aided on one session by a piece of paper covering my rad intake). TTechnics told me to keep an eye on the water levels and drive through it… Bizarrely, the temperature would get up to a frightening 100degs then suddenly drop back to 75degs… as if the thermostat was cutting in too late.But WHEN the car went, it went well, managing 130mph past after the Dunlop Bridge.I’ll know later today how serious the damage is with the car, my guess is a head-gasket job.Trevor’s be-slicked car made many people think about getting slicks !Moving road-block of the day award goes to the Marketplace car (sorry, forget who the driver is). A few people were kind enough to give me a ride, and this car consistently refused to yield when caught up with. [image][/image] All in all it was a great atmosphere, lots of friendly people giving rides to other people, learning from each other.Thumbs up ! Good to meet you all again.Now where’s the number for TurboTechnics [image][/image][This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 01 November 2001).]

Only cos I kept pulling away through the bends!!! Every time I got behind you I had to brake through the corners so much and we all know where that leads!!Now where can I get those big orange flashing arrows they use on mobile roadworks - someone must be able to make a carbon fibre version that wouldn’t look to out of place on a gimped up Exige!! I could use a starter button on the floor to activate it - I feel a project coming on!!!Yours - unable to outdrag a supercharged Exige - unless on the way home!Mike

quote:Originally posted by Mike T:Only cos I kept pulling away through the bends!!! Re: pulling away in the bends, I prefer to leave a safe gap between me and the car infront through the corners, and back off slightly… all too often an over-enthusiastic driver has spun infront of me… (as someone did yesterday). If I’d been up their chuff it would have been very expensive. I may have been slower than you through the corners with you following, I don’t deny that… but had you been faster overall, you would have kept up with me or caught me. Which you didn’t.Personally, I didn’t have a problem with you when I was driving as I had the grunt to clear you easily, I was referring to when I was a passenger of other Exiges (at least 3)that can’t outpace you on the straights. But you can’t argue with the rules… if a car has caught you… (even if you feel faster through the corners) they are still faster than you. Yield.I don’t mean to offend you Mike, I just figured you’d prefer to know that you were holding people up, rather than be oblivious.[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 01 November 2001).]

Off to Boots eye clinic for corrective surgery - only passed by two yesterday - one on slicks and you which means I held everyone else up - I’m so embaressed!Its down to �695 per eye now so I’ll get them done one at a time - next time I’ll let half past and the following track day I’ll have got them both done so every one can come past.So to everyone out there I didn’t see I humbly apologise.Now wheres that little V6 Dino lump I had in the garage, got it, anyone seen the tape measure?Yours looking forwards (always)Mike

Guys and GalsIt was good to meet up with the crowd at ‘The George’ and Donington.However, I must say that I had some mixed feelings about the day though. I thought the whole point of these events was to provide a safe environment for enthusiasts to enjoy their cars. Given the fact that this was an open pit lane, I thought it would be obvious to every participant that there would be a mix of driving abilities, and that everyone should abide by the rules set out by BookaTrack in the morning briefing session to ensure an enjoyable day was had by all. WRONG. Unfortunately, as a novice track driver, I found the environment particularly intimidating. I am no shrinking violet but found the behaviour of others (non Lotus drivers) particularly disappointing. I have no problem with moving over for faster cars. All the Lotus’s and Caterhams were well mannered but my anger is directed at a couple of Porsche divers and a few others. I found that having another car trying to overtake me doing 90mph through the Craner Curves particularly frightening. In the interest of safety, I was being told to take the proper line but found several times, cars were literally a foot from my rear bumper and were trying to nudge past me. I have one comment for these people. Perhaps they are making up for inadequacies elsewhere?!!! These guys are in no doubt extremely competent drivers, however, they would be better drivers if they realised that their aggression could quite easily have caused an accident through pressurising other people to push the car to a level that they are not comfortable with. The whole event smacked of testosterone fueled competition.This had not put me off track days, but I will only drive in Novice sessions and Lotus only events from now on.Before I earn myself the title of whinging female, I would like to reiterate that these comments are not directed at any of the Lotus drivers who were courteous and abided by the rules.Jules

Hey Up Jules,Just thought Id let you know that your not alone in the way your feeling, it was my first proper time out on the track too and can relate entirely to what your saying. That said I do think for some reason the whole atmosphere of the day seemed much more fuelled then normal, which both Brannan and myself commented on very early on in the day.I hope you havnt been put off too much, As Lord Whitter once said; quote:IMHO there aren’t enough women drivers and I think we ought to encourage them! Hope we’ll see both you and Steve again soon, next time I think Ill join you in the Novices session!! [image][/image][This message has been edited by Pippa (edited 01 November 2001).][This message has been edited by Pippa (edited 01 November 2001).]

An interesting read, this one.I was supposed to come to this trackday however circumstances didn’t permit it. It would have been my first time on any track in any car.After reading the comments above, how am I supposed to ever feel confident enough to venture out?I guess the answer is to seek out trackdays that cater specifically for the inexperienced.I’d appreciate hearing what the other people for whom this was their first trackday, thought of the day. (Reg?)Ian.

Ian, don’t let the above comments put you off.The Porsche drivers in question were intimidating a few people, but I gather they were told to tone down their antics following complaints.Bookatrack are keen to make sure everyone has a good day, and agressive driving is frowned upon and dealt with accordingly.I think most people had a very good day out.

:unlurk again:Don’t pick an open pit lane day for your first attempt - choose one where the organisers subdivide people according to experience, or run with very few cars on track, e.g. Club Lotus Castle CombeFair play, it was mentioned at the briefing but I appreciate different levels of experience mean different perceptions of a safe distance between cars.Also worth mentioning that track days aren’t for everyone, and there are cheaper and less risky ways of learning track driving. I started on 100cc hire karts; fast, demanding handling and a good place to learn how to anticipate and avoid incidents. Would rather stick one of these backwards into a tyre wall than an F355, for example.Cheers,AdrianR

Hi GuysI can only agree with your valid comments about yesterday. I apologise for making an issue about something that has been discussed at length in previous threads [overtaking]. I can understand that track days are not for everyone, but as an enthusiastic driver who likes speed and a challenge, I would like to perfect my motoring skills on the track.Perhaps foolishly, I assumed that having spent some time on the track at Hethel on Sunday that I would be safe to make a brief albeit slower appearance at Donington with the SO who is by far a more experienced driver. What I did not consider and to a certain extent did not appreciate was, the pressure that invariably exists when you have such a mix of abilities on a track.I shall take note, and will make sure that I stick to the the old novice sessions for the time being. Yesterday was mainly for the SO to experience the superb Exige on the track and I went along just to have the odd enjoyable lap. Perhaps this just was not the best environment to do it…enough said.Just you guys wait until I am up to speed! [image][/image]Ian, please do not be put off your track debut. [image][/image]And Pip, see you at the next novice session! [image][/image]

You’ve got the right attitude, just stick with it and build up gently in a comfortable environment. First few times, your brain will be so occupied with just staying on the black stuff that you won’t be able to drive and watch the mirrors at the same time. One other point that is worth mentioning, be extra careful if you’re double driving a car and the driver’s experience levels are significantly different - I have been almost caught out in the past when I came up behind a car that had previously been driving at a similar speed to me, only to find it braking much earlier than expected. My mistake, but you can see how an accident could happen.Cheers,AdrianR

Julia your comments are very valid. IMHO, if a faster driver catches another, then they should not intimidate the caught driver by driving too close as this is more likely to cause an accident as the the driver is then trying to follow the track and check on the loon behind them at the same time. Obviously there is a certain point also when the caught driver should move over and allow them through, even if it means lifting off. It can be easy, in saying that I guess, for some of this to go out the window when/if the redmist comes down.Anyway, I wouldn’t let it put you off. The more ladies at/on trackdays the better. [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by IPJ:I’d appreciate hearing what the other people for whom this was their first trackday, thought of the day. (Reg?)Ian.I had a great day. Thanks everyone. Nice to meet you all. To be fair I have quite a bit of previous track experience but mainly on bikes having raced and done quite a few bike track days. But I felt at home on the track in my car though I did watch my mirrors a lot. I tried to behave myself and move over as a quicker car approached and was very pleased that this didn�t happen as often as I feared it might. Occasionally a car did appear behind me as if from nowhere (sorry if I held anyone up)and occasionally cars didn�t pull over for me as quick as I might of liked while others jumped out of the way a bit quick for their own enjoyment. Overtaking IMHO was, in the main, very gentlemanly when compared to a bike day when anything goes and the day is more akin to a race meeting with aggression very much at the fore.Having said all that the two Porsches in question were being driven enthusiastically, sometimes aggressively, and on the occasions they passed me they both left no room for error by either party, which for a track day is risky and could be intimidating. I think their strategy may have been to intimidate early on and then people would get out of their way. I saw one of them have a BIG slide and I spent the next two laps harassing him, even flashed him at one point to pull over, until he sorted his soiled underwear out and started to pull away from me.Don�t let this put you of Ian. If my experience is anything to go by you will have a ball. I would recommend the day to anyone.And Julia keep at it. Remember you have paid just as much as the other guys so make sure you enjoy your day.WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE?

Adrian RAm I correct in thinking that you were out in the Formula Renault? If so, were you the only driver all day, or were you sharing? No particular reason for asking, just curious - I quite fancy a do in one those myself [image][/image]

Great day again - got loads of good Exige footage on camera - will try and post some.Trevor - only saw you once, I was stuck behind someone, the traffic seemed to part for you like the red sea! Don’t think I stood much chance of staying with you this time anyway!jamesmAzure EliseP***GOM

I bet none of it’s as good as this :slight_smile: Tentative identification:Trevor Gravestock, Silver Exige, 190 BHP on slicks???

Excellent footage as always Jimbo !