Poll - Should Certain Topics or People be Banned?

If it would restore the harmony of the Forum, would you support banning the discussion of certain topics or certain people?

Can’t say I’m completely comfortable with this.

What’s wrong with just ignoring them? Especially whilst they’re keeping themselves to themselves. If they start to bring the same ugliness to threads which aren’t related or they don’t start then that’s a different matter. That said, I have witnessed people I count as friends get rather ancy about it over the weekend and I’d far rather they’d continue contributing than have any more madness.

At the end of the day, like it or not and unlike other forums that I like much less, Exiges.com is simply a space an individual kindly makes available for us to converse. David’s a busy man and has already said his patience is wearing thin with some contributors, whatever we think I wouldn’t be surprised if he acts unilaterally when he comes across the weekend’s posts.


which topics and which people - what have i missed???

Just stay out of the K-series section and you’ll remain blissful.


I’ve come in for enough flak for banning people already, though that’s been outweighed by people telling it was the right thing to do. I’m reluctant to ban any more people unless they push their luck with me.

Short of “banging their heads together” I’m not quite sure what to do to get the signal-to-noise restored to an acceptable level. There will always be petty squabbles, but you’re right Steve it’s getting ridiculous.

I may just start locking threads as soon as they go pear shaped and then perhaps people will learn that if they want to continue a productive conversation they must keep it polite and without the bollocks.

Personally I think all the petulant slagging from King K and other lowers the tone of this normally friendly and enthusiastic forum. If they can’t keep it civil and friendly, then yes, ban em


It must be only me, but I don’t read KingK’s posts as slagging, on the contrary, other people slag him.

Read carefully and you’ll see that in his posts he’s not being incorrect. Stirring maybe, but let’s face it, anybody that has spent �10K on a conversion will definitely try to justify his expense.
Human nature, wouldn’t you?

I say give him a break, I still see that he’s trying to help.

Can’t say I’m completely comfortable with this.

What’s wrong with just ignoring them?

That’s the last option

Whilst this Forum isn’t a democracy (and there’s no intended criticism there - a big up to David for hosting and managing it ), I just thought a wider canvassing of opinions, from the silent majority, would put things into perspective?

I agree with locking/deleting threads if they descend to a level below what is expected here.

what’s a K series?

Just stay out of the K-series section and you’ll remain blissful.


where does it end if we start to “ban”

I was surprised to see Dave saying he’d been so pissed by someone off as to no longer post…and I couldn’t find what it was that’d pissed him…His decision upset me and I nearly posted to suggest that what appeared to me to be two prime protagonists be banned…but then I thought…“where does it end”.

just ignore them…and if you want a laugh at the expense of grown men…“ENTER THE K”

I don’t think anyone should be banned but I do think that posts occasionally require moderation where a point looks unreasonable or libellous. Hopefully this will be self-moderation but if that fails then enforced moderation.

I believe in free speech but sometimes things get a bit out of hand / out of proportion.

Well I think free speech is a good position to start with but when anyone becomes consistently antagonistic the best approach is to just remove inflammatory comments and tell them so. If that continues then remove them from the board. I understand how people will see red when it is apparent (to them) that someone else is completely wrong, lying or manipulative. So the easiset solution is to remove those comments or threads and not the members unless it keeps happening with the same member(s).
I thought a K series was a Honda engine anyway…or is it a range of cosmetics

I’m sure some of what I’ve posted recently hasn’t been that popular but I find it hard to ignore blatant mistruths and unsubstantiated info.
Also being told I don’t know someone who has been a mate for almost 16 years (although not having spoken to him as much recently as I should) was a little hard to stomach. Although giving him a call has resulted in a lads night out soon.

It seems to be seen as people spending �10k justifying their decision, personally I’ve got nothing to justify (and I certainly didn’t spend �10k), however the same can be said of those who have spend �1,000’s with Simon.

I’ve already said I won’t post on any threads which Simon does as I really CBA anymore. I also won’t post on any tech threads full stop as it’s more grief than it’s worth.

I also won’t post on any tech threads full stop as it’s more grief than it’s worth.

That would be a real shame mate! I, as do many others I’m sure, really appreciate your technical input here!!

Moderating a forum must be a nightmare, as we all know if all of the people involved were sitting in a room, the conversation would be a lot more low key than the chat that goes on here.


That would be a real shame mate!


Even if they have other ideas anybody would be daft to ignore a professional automotive engineer.


Agreed!Keep posting.

I also won’t post on any tech threads full stop as it’s more grief than it’s worth.

Thats another loss for Exiges.com in my opinion

Although completely understandable - I think twice before making any comment these days and its definate one reson for not posting any photos or details of current mods

Where are we going to get our good advice from now? I’d be really pi$$ed off if this whole him vs him drives away the knowlegable contributors to this forum.

Seems funny to me that Admin had no problem banning people before, he seem to have no qualms about it then?

The only two people banned (AFAIK) both had a lot to offer and did so without hesitation, however, they seem to get banned for putting out the message certain people did not what to here.

I agree with Mark’s view on this, what’s the point?

You can ban me if you like…this forum is useless anyway.