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I hope to be getting an Exige some time this year and was looking around for some performance times for the 190 engines i.e. 0-60, 0-100 and 1/4 mile. Has anyone got the book times, also what times have you done?? And where. Thanks for any help

To be perfectly honest the Exige is not a “boy racer” car, we dont care if it does 0-60 in 4 or 5 secs when it goes round corners faster than most cars on the road! or should that be track!Its not a straight line racer and runs out of puff somewhere around 120-130

Sorry didn�t mean to upset you I was just trying to get a comparison of what the car is capable of compared to what I run now.Oh and live for corners NOT straight lines.[This message has been edited by Speedracer (edited 17 January 2003).]

No offense taken [image][/image] but I dont think anyone has actually been bothered to time it !Lotus claim 4.7 secs for 0 to 60 and thats on the 177 BHP version

Speedracer,The link below is to my page, however, the summary specs and the detailed specs are factory numbers. I have not tried "tested those numbers but have spent a lot of time on a track with mine. You can also get some good data on the 177hp Exige compaired to other cars at For comparison purposes, my Exige, with me driving has run a 1:40 on Road Atlanta. One of the instructors drove the car and felt it was good for high 1:30s. David Murry takes a stock 996 TT around road Atlanta at 1:39, a GT2 at 1:38 (April 02 Panorama). A pro driver took a Viper GTS (slight mods) around Road Atlanta last weekend at 1:38, the owner was running 1:41s and above.I can take vertually any street car at RA. The only cars that give me trouble are very well driven TTs and well driven Z06s.Enjoy.Roy [This message has been edited by Roy W. Olivier (edited 18 January 2003).][This message has been edited by Roy W. Olivier (edited 18 January 2003).]

Spot on Roy [image][/image]The Exige in stock form (177 or 190 bhp) is such a fantastic car, that its capabilities are far greater than the average driver’s! Most people would be best spending their money on trackdays/instruction, rather than their car trying to get an extra 20 or 30 bhp!Purely my personal opinion, & knowing my own (or lack of!) ability on track.

Great site their Roy nice pictures.Like I said I will be looking for an Exige soon so just trying to find out some info on them at the moment.What I want is one with a 190bhp upgrade (looks like most have this) and just run it as it is to start with.Pesky it will be run on the track more than once [image][/image]

For what it’s worth here’s some figures leon and I came up with using a G-meter. I haven’t tried again since my 190 but I’d doubt I’d get much under 5.5 secs. My technique possibly being the cause. The problem is under 20mph, it’s just not made for it. The real thrill is seeing kit 3 times the cost getting steadily closer with every bend on a track.If that’s not enough how about these for some performance figures! Ian [image][/image]

Roy,The link is nothing short of excellent. I noticed one of the metrics taken was for �Buoyancy� � what does it mean in this context? Is less weight better or worse ?The Exige seemed to have a completely different reading to the Zonda, i.e. �58Kg vs 53Kg respectively. Leon

That’d be for anybody (stupid) like me who’s spent several minutes trying to workout why neither link worked!It is very interesting. There’s some serious kit on there and the Exige comes in the top 3 for both handling measures and wins on consumption and (easily) ‘Max. Abtrieb bei 200 Km/h’ (which I think has something to do with drift).Hey leon, perhaps they tried running them on water for the Buoyancy test?! [image][/image]Ian [image][/image][This message has been edited by IDG (edited 21 January 2003).]

It mentions something about a wind tunnel - maybe to do with down force?Sorry about the silly link - must get this copy paste thing sorted out!

Auftrieb= Lift (since it is in the negative range with the Exige, it equates to downforce)

I just been looking at some old magazines, and found some performance figures:Autocar’s original roadtest results with 190 kit):0-60 mph 5.40-100 mph 13.730-70 mph 5.030-50 in 4th 7.950-70 in 5th 10.11/4mile 14.0 / 101 mphkilometre 25.4 / 122 mph60-0 2.7Top speed 124Autocar’s long term test final report.14,000 miles (nicely loosened up)190 kit and UCR gearbox fitted.0-30 mph 1.80-40 mph 2.70-50 mph 3.90-60 mph 4.90-70 mph 6.70-80 mph 8.50-90 mph 10.80-100 mph 13.11/4 mile 13.9 / 103mphkilometre 25.7 / 118mph60-0 2.4Top Gear (with 190 kit):0-30 2.00-40 2.80-50 4.20-60 5.50-70 6.90-80 9.00-90 11.10-100 13.230-50 in 3rd 4.530-50 in 4th 7.550-70 in 5th 9.530-70 through gears 4.91/4 mile 14.0 / 103.5 mph

Brendan v interesting to see how performance figures dramatically improved after engine well run in.Next weekend for bit of fun am taking Exige to Noble Motorsport to get Dyno figures on their rolling road (apparently v accurate to +/- 1 bhp) measures bhp at flywheel and at wheels (get complete print out) - wonder if they’ll show 190?.

Simonis that the NORLOG event - wouldn’t mind popping along to have a look if it is - can you post details of where they are?

Steve thats the one… about 15 Lotus goin I understand and also other sportscar makes… its at Noble Motorsport, Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield about 200m past B&Q. Meeting up at Woodall Services on M1 at 0815-0830hrs next Saturday. Called in at Nobles yesterday - owner took me a tour of premises - v impressive, they build all Noble engines there. Total enthusiasts - talked with the guy for a good hour…Worth a visit just for a look around the premises…

Simon,It’s interesting to compare these figures, but the car had the UCR gearbox fitted before the second set of figures, so it’s not really possible to make a valid comparison. Unfortunately.

Brendan - thanks for clearing that up. Could UCR Gearbox be lived with on a daily basis for road use?

i’ve the UCR, but the Exige is my second car. Keep in mind that the engine revs at 4000 at 70 mph (at least with my ratios).So u have an increased noise coming from the engine + the gb noise. If u use the car on the highway for long trips (more than 1 hour) it is a pain. but i love it…your choice… [image][/image]CiaoNicolas

quote:Originally posted by simon:Brendan - thanks for clearing that up. Could UCR Gearbox be lived with on a daily basis for road use?If you want to use it on the road, I think you may find the standard gears are a good compromise.We may be back to Phil’s opening reply…Ian [image][/image]