Oil Coolers - urgent advice appreciated!

Hi all

On the verge of joining the party by ordering my S2 Exige -possibly later today as there is an early build slot available at the factory due to a cancelled order. Apologies if this has been asked before, but how necessary, if at all, are the oil coolers with the performance pack for track use? I was going to order mine with base spec (plus sport exhaust, of course), but I will probably be doing 5 or 6 track days a year. I guess it can’t be that much of an issue as plenty or 111Rs get tracked without problem and none of them have oil coolers, and apparently more than 3/4 of all S2 Exiges made so far have been in touring spec. What do you reckon folks?


If you can afford it, definately go for the performance pack - don’t forget you also get sports seats & harnesses too

Options PDF

For the first few months of production, some Performance Pack kit was in short supply, therefore it wasn’t a practical option!!

If you can afford it, definately go for the performance pack - don’t forget you also get sports seats & harnesses too

and more importantly the carbon fibre effect door trims

Problem I have is that the early build slot(mid April), for some daft reason known only to Lotus is only available for a car to base or touring spec. There is at least a 3 - 4 month wait for a car with performance pack. Dealer is offering me a much better deal and trade in for the early slot (cancelled order and all that). So, my thinking is go for the base car, possibly add harnesses at a leter date, as long as I feel comfortable that lack of oil coolers is not an issue for occasional track use. Any more thoughts anyone?

Thanks, Mark

Personally I wouldn’t have a car you are going to put on track without an oil cooler. I have done two track days in my S1 and the ambient temp on both days was no more than 1 or 2 degrees above freezing. Oil temps on both days were between 110 and 115. Now I don’t care what anyone says, that is hot, and oil at that temp is not doing its job right and an S1 has an oil cooler.

I think a lot of people don’t think they have an oil temp issue, because they don’t have an oil temp gauge, so they have no idea what temp the oil is at.

Its the same with my fuel pressure issue (which I have sorted now) the only reason I knew I had a fuel pressure issue at high revs was because I have a fuel pressure gauge in the car, so I know what is going on. If I had the problem on my 9,000 mile old car, I am sure other 190 spec cars must be having the same issue.

Back to oil coolers though. Lets not forget that retro fitting a cooler after the fact is gonna be a pretty easy job and no doubt a lot cheaper than from Lotus.


I think the key word here is occasional.

If you’re not out there, a tankful at a time, on for lots of trackdays I would say it doesn’t really matter having an oil cooler.
Besides, if you also got a discount and can’t wait… there you go.

Also, if you use your car a lot on the roads you might find that a harness is not the best thing. Even more if you’re tall, as most tall people tend not to move at all in the seats.
At 6’2", I have yet to fit a harness. I know, safe in a crash and everything, but the lack of movement in traffic just might create an accident as I can’t see out of junctions, etc.

I’d say for occasional track use the oil coolers are not a real need.

Just my 2p.

I think you have to decide:

  • whether you want oil coolers or not - and there is contradictory advice in this thread as to whether they are necessary. I have no doubt that they are a good thing; and

  • whether they can be fitted later to a similar spec at a similar cost. If they involve threading through the chassis rail I would rather have it done on the production line.

Well, thanks for the advice everyone. I’ve done it now - placed my order at lunchtime. No oil coolers - having talked it through with a couple of people, the concensus seems to be that the Yota engine has absolutely no problem coping with the odd track day without them, especially as I am up in Scotland which is not exactly known for mega high temps. Nice to have saved a couple of grand too as these things ain’t cheap! 4 weeks and counting


Now you just have to join Scottish_Elises…


Been a member of Scottish Elises for 3 years now since I bought my S2 135, have done many SE road runs, and been a KH regular in the last year, but we have yet to meet. Hopefully see ya at TT in May


My advice is not to get an oil temp guage fitted!!! My S1 has an eliseparts oil-cooler fitted in the engine-bay so I have 2 oil-coolers and at a v.hot Donington track-evening last year my oil-temp reached 140degrees!!!

What about an oil to water exchanger?
It is ideal, u r sure that oil temp can’t drop to low and when cold the oil gets warm quickly.
Of course the water rad has to dissipate more heat.


Just normal driving about on the road gets oil temps upto 90 degree or so …

BTW - what oil pressures are people seeing - especially with oil at 130 degree ?

I get around 4 bar at times, but that is the audi…

9 bar!!!

Lambo or Lotus?


Honda Exige

9 Bar

4 bar is 60 PSI … 9 bar is … alot of PSI …

14 PSI is one BAR (one atmosphere ?)

so 9 BAR is 126 PSI ???

so 9 BAR is 126 PSI ???

Just “pub bragging”, you know what he’s like