Northern Christmas Lunch?

We did this last year and it was well attended. Any thoughts for this year?

yes definitely!

Date depending yes why not

That pub just outside Hawes (Green Dragon Inn at the bottom of Buttertubs) was great, but the drive back was a bit sketchy with black ice in places. Still do it again.

Been talking to a few of the lads up here and all fancy it. Any suggestions on dates? I’d prefer if it was not a Fri or Sat. Green Dragon at Hardraw would suit me, too
Thanks, Paul for suggesting.

How about Monday 28th or Tuesday 29th?

Both dates look good for me. Any other takers?

Is this the Sherman friendly place we have been to before?

I’d be up for a run over, most likely a few other NYLOC’ers
It’s the NYLOC Christmas run on the 28th though so that would probably exclude most of us!
Feel free to join us on the 28th though if you fancy a drive round the Dales on a tulip style run…

Sherman-friendly at the Green Dragon, if I recall.
As Paul raised this maybe he should select a date. I’m happy with 29th if it means the Nylocers can join us.

29th ok me.

The pub near Buttertups was nice but icy roads last time was issue. How about somewhere less out in he sticks like Kirkby Lonsdale again?

All round to Pete’s Steve? I,m in :mrgreen:

A few others from the North East are up for this date depending

Ive been for a few years now, and liked them all. The Green Dragon nr Hawes is my favourite but I have to agree with the above Kirby Lonsdale sentiment. Following a gritter last year for about 10 miles did my undercarriage no good whatsoever. Would prefer a venue with a car park.

What about the Plough on the A65 (between M6 and Kirkby Lonsdale)? Plenty of tables and good parking. I’ll have to check dates with the social sec but shouldn’t be a problem.

Good idea, Paul. I’d looked a few others but that is pretty much a known quantity.
Should we start a list based on the date being the Tues to accommodate our Nyloc mates?

Sorry guys - I have to bail out. Docs have told me to stop driving for a bit (unresolved medical issue).

Hope to see you all before too long.

are you sure they didn’t say stop driving for a bite?

Bloody hell! That’s bad news… Hope all resolved soon.

Sorry to hear that Paul, hope you are back behind the wheel soon