Northern Chapter meet July - Part 2

Who’s up for a meet here then (as per the May suggestion). Shall we say Sun 20th July, circa 11.30am for tyre kicking, grub, & maybe a nice drive over the fells??

Plenty of good offroad parking. The trip there or back could be combined with a lakes pass or two (i.e. Newlands - Buttermere - Honister), or a longer southbound trip Winlatter - toward Cold Fell - toward Corney Fell.

Thoughts folks?

ill go if i get my car by the 20th

Come anyway, you are very welcome.

In the diary Tim

Weather depending I will have a pop over the hill to the lakes

Check calendar tomorrow,Tim. Good thinking.

I’ll check with my organiser and see if we are free

It’s a Ladies and Gents meet so feel free :wink:

I’m free!!
(As that chap used to say on the box)

Just tell her there will be chips and you will be free :laughing:

Rofl, That might be true

Know I’m preaching to the mostly converted here but as I was pedalling over the above yesterday thought I would take a few phone snaps to wet the appetite :slight_smile:


Nice pics Steve :sunglasses:

Any more takers for this??

Hoping to, but not sure yet due to other stuff potentially getting in the way.

Got this booked in, might even persuade Her Ladyship to join me in the “hot, uncomfortable and wrong coloured car”

Great pics,Steve. I rode Barbon to Dent, Hawes and back on Thurs last. Great, if tiring, day out

Can a little elise attend your gathering? Promise I won’t burn you all off lol:-P

Dad and I are hoping to make this :clap: Hopefully see you Sunday :slight_smile:

Great news guys, looking like another good turn out :clap:

Depends how I feel after the night before :wink:

Great. Looking forward to a catch-up . . . England’s World Cup performance, ManU’s glorious future and, maybe, a little chat about cars :smiley: