No Brit GP next year?

Or will “he” call it summat else & run it at Silverstone?

Surely time has now run out for Gillett & Donington???

83man - whatya reckon?

Didn’t he say after a very well run Silverstone this year that if Donny wasn’t ready he wasn’t going to rule out a return to Silverstone?

As Pesky says I thought he said that if Donny wasn’t ready they would return to Silverstone but not under the British GP name.

Not sure I would beleive anything anyone said in F1 :astonished:

So, what’s Bernie been up to now?

I noticed Damon Hill made the effort to attend the Singapore GP, I doubt that was just a social call.


F1??? whats that?? :sleep:/ just a load of highly paid cheats…must be MPs then :smiley: :smiley:

Why can’t they use the British GP title if it returns to Silverstone??

OOOH OOOH!! 100 posts - I am now a member, snigger snigger

Ouch. That’s harsh - I’ve worked in F1 for 15 years now and I don’t cheat nor am I unfairly paid :wink:

Unsung hero my friend lol

well i hope it does return to silverstone, its an amazing track and got everything needed… wouldnt be the same if it wasnt there!

The latest deadline for Donington was last Saturday (3 Oct) and, as there has been no announcement (which probably would have been made at the Japanese GP) I can only assume that they have convinced Bernie that they have the funding and will be ready. One thing is for sure, if Silverstone had been told that they were going to run the 2010 GP then we would have heard about it.

Rumour has it that the ‘new’ builders (Laings) were looking for work and have agreed to do it all for a 10% stake and that they were ‘appointed’ by Bernie (who is also rumored to be a Laings shareholder).

The date has been announced as 11 July at Donington which is the same day as the FIFA world cup final. The race is scheduled to start early to accommodate this (12 noon start as opposed to the usual 1.00pm) and then the football will be shown on giant screens around the circuit.

I have it straight from the horses mouth that this is the plan but whether it will actually happen - who can say, but there is definitely a new assurance among the Donington staffs. There has also been significant ground work done now and the girder frame buildings will not take too long to erect - the plans are all done

I DO think it is significant that the 3 Oct dealine has passed and there has been no announcement. It leads me to believe that everyone is aiming for a race at Donington.

I don’t really know if all this is actually true but it is certainly what some of those directly involved believe to be the plan.

Only time will tell…

BTW, there is a new track simulation from outside the car HERE

Thanks Mike - I knew you’d have a handle on the present position. So, as you say, only (more) time will tell.


Further to my last there are some photos of ongoing construction work HERE

I can’t wait :smiley:

Side tracked a bit by the Japanese grid girls :wink: :whistle:

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When do they normally start selling tickets?

Has the fat lady finished warming up yet?

Ouch. That’s harsh - I’ve worked in F1 for 15 years now and I don’t cheat nor am I unfairly paid :wink: [/quote]

Sorry …nothing personal …the Guys at the sharp end work their buts off and seldom get the praise they deserve…sadly the overall impression of the F1 scene is not good IMHO.

For enjoyable close racing a good club day which includes Formula Fords has my vote