Nissan, Le Mans 1990

Having a quick look though YouTube just now, as you do, and I came across this little vid:

Don�t suppose anyone knows if this Randy�s actual car, or is his more of a replica… either way, nice little vid .


I Seem to remember that Mark Blundell drove the no.24 car that year. They had serious problems with overboosting in qualifying and the poor chap had to run with 1300bhp for a few laps whilst also ignoring the frantic radio calls to come into the pits before it blew up… Funny how it ended up on pole then.

I don’t know whether that particular car is one of the Randles’ though none of theirs are replicas, they’re all ex NISMO cars.

Randy’s cars are IMSA cars not Le Mans cars.

They raced in the IMSA series in the US which was basically a version of Group C, but not quite the same.

There is some you tube IMSA footage.

Azreal + Mark = 2an0raks

Azreal + Mark = 2an0raks

Working for Nissan I’m interested in the cars.

BTW he owns one of these. There are only 2 of them.

BTW he owns one of these. There are only 2 of them.

Randy took me to see the “collection” a few years back.This included a gorgeous (previously unused) carbon fibre tub waiting to be “fitted out”. I think my words at the time were, “This has got be better than Aladdin’s Cave!”

This is the same as Randy’s.

Some incar from the US.

The 1990 Race at Miami (cheesy music)

Historic Group C from Monza (Pt1)

Part 2

Thanks for posting those Mark, gotta say, Laguna Seca in the first one looks like a pretty awesome track too .


Oooh, a part 2 as well .

Part 3


Some Group C stuff There is actually quite a bit on You Tube. I’ll stop now.

Azreal + Mark = 2an0raks

That’s a bit 'arsh Dad.

Cheers Mark, now I�ve finally watched �em all… some really great racing there .

Historic Group C from Monza (Pt1)

And there’s Randy driving the No88 car

As David says, thanks for posting these Mark

That’s a bit 'arsh Dad.

True, it was a bit harsh… cos I know your real “love” is all things McLarenF1


PS Good to see ya again last night, & thanks for the lift to/from the curry house

[image]>> [/image]

Cool pic! Is there a bigger one?