new lotus europa

The new lotus car
official news and pictures

Not a fan
I hope the next Elise/Exige looks nothing like it


�10 says they’ll sell less than 100 in the uk.

More pandering to the Boxster brigade.

I thought it was meant to be a 2+2?


More like Mazda??MX5GT

Very disappointing I really had hoped that the early pics were of a Proton version. This looks crap Specc’d by accountants, with all the senior managers trying to justify the car. Normally the products of Lotus sell themselves


More pandering to the Boxster brigade.

Nothing wrong with that…in the words of the Lotus MD:

“It allows Lotus to extend its product appeal beyond our traditional customer base”

let them be successful with this and perhaps there will be more appetite for more Exige-type cars also and most importantly the money to fund them.

I don’t think Stuttgart will be too worried…

That looks bloody horrible!!!

How to kill ACB Chapman… twice…

My first impressions on the new Europa are that I don’t like it at all! But it’s strange how some cars just suddenly grow on you. But saying that I don’t see myself ever wanting to own one. Does anyone really think that they really needed to make this new Europa?

Would have thought a new Esprit would have been more worth while…Lotus need a new ‘supercar’ IMO.

Urrgghh. Is this the same company that produced the Exige? Lotus, I think maybe you should get your coat.

Mingin’. It looks like Proton’s take on the Hyundai Coupe, with some engineering expertise from Lotus.

Any info on whose 2L turbo they’ll be using?

Looks shite!
Wonder how many parts bins they raided to put that together.

Looks like a mazda RX 8 with no more power and 2 less seats,out of the 2 I`d take the mazda!

Isn’t an MR2 + blower still lighter than that?

Presumably aimed at 1)California and 2)Rest of USA, at least I hope so…

Any info on whose 2L turbo they’ll be using?

It uses GM’s heavy pig iron lump (with cam belt as opposed to chain) � as used on the VX220 Turbo.

Note that Europa weighs in only just under the ton (in basic spec presumably)

Presumably aimed at 1)California and 2)Rest of USA, at least I hope so…

“The Europa S will be sold in all markets where the Lotus brand is present, except for the USA and Canada.”

Nope - Fortunately for us, this one won’t be coming over.

Guessing it’s a turbo Ecotec.

Lets not forget that this car is not meant to be an Exige or Elise it is meant to bring in a different customer…but I am with the rest of you, styling is not good. Might look better in the flesh. but I don’t think I would have one.