New Exige?

Still not convinced myself


Also see this

Lotus Website

Umm, nothing radical (not the car) about that. S2 Elise with Exige bits on it.


WOW do I want one!!!

Price estimates anyone?

But why the hell is lotus still putting in a small 190bhp 4 cyl. engine? why not something with a lot more torque? at least 250 lb/ft? A V6 possible?

Or is that little Toyota engine tunable?

I know weight is an issue…but c’mon lotus…

Can’t but agree with you there…

the car Needs at least 250Bhp, a nice 3L V6 with 250-300 Bhp would be nice…


�30K to �35K depending on spec eg sports seats & harnesses, metallic paint.

[color:“red”]However, ABS & aircon will be standard [/color]

ABS ? AS STANDARD ? your kidding?

I think that all new cars un the EU have to have ABS now. (as in you can’t get though homologation without it)

****** EU legislation…

I hope lotus allow it to be removed/disengaged…does that also mean servo assisted brakes then, to drive the ABS? Surely all this will up the weight somewhat as well…

Hope this pic link works

Exige 2 Pic

****** EU legislation…

I hope lotus allow it to be removed/disengaged…does that also mean servo assisted brakes then, to drive the ABS? Surely all this will up the weight somewhat as well…

you can always pull the appropriate fuse!

Having said that, it’s probably going to be servoed etc. and the extra weight will be significant…

I belive there is an exception for low volume stuff, but I have no idea what the deffinition of low volume is?

I spoke to Gman earlier and we both agreed…are Lotus trying to enter the Boxster market? I understand that Lotus have to expand their client base but at the risk of upsetting their ‘loyal’ fans?

I mean…ABS and assisted brakes!!!

Mind you I have been staring at the picture for 54 mins now.

The car in Pesky’s link looks as if it has different wheels, and if so there may be a new option for us…

Also I notice that the mounts for the rear wing do not look mechanically sound - they seem to disappear / point into the engine itself, rather than into the boot, leading me to presume that this is just a good old fashioned artists impression…

leading me to presume that this is just a good old fashioned artists impression…

Ah ha, I thought it was a bit of a dodgy photo!

I’ll bet my prize conker that the real thing ain’t much different to the pic.

Does anyone know if there is a new Motorsport Elise planned?

I guess this is what gets me. The Exige was built as the road-going version of the Motorsport Elise. Let’s keep it like that or don’t build one at all.

My $.02 or 1.4p


I’ve not heard of any plans (or even rumours!) of a new Motorsport Elise. Doubt if Proton have the marketing dosh to set up & run a one-make race series for Elises!

I can’t disagree with your final sentance either - at least they should give the new car a different name!

Copied from Lotus Website (Pic is as already linked)

New Exige to Change the Rules
Hethel, UK

8th September 2003

Not since the arrival of the Elise has any car made such an impact. Now, as the current Elise improved on the original icon, so the Exige is to perform the same feat. The new Lotus Exige bears all the hallmarks of a true racer. Large air intakes and front splitter dominate the cars aggressive front stance. Sweeping lines and extended air scoops lead into the commanding rear haunches and spoiler, proudly displaying the cars racing intent.

With Lotus Design working in conjunction with Lotus engineering and aerodynamic teams to achieve an optimum driving experience, the Exige performs as dynamically as it looks. Powered by a 1.8 litre 4 cylinder 16 valve engine with VVTL-i variable valve technology and mated to a close ratio six-speed manual gearbox, the Exige will sweep effortlessly past 60mph in under 5 seconds whilst breaking the 140mph mark with ease. With an output of 190bhp, the Toyota Motor Corporation manufactured engine is perfectly suited to the Exige, revving to around 8350rpm.

As with any Lotus, perfect dynamics are key to the product. Tuned by Lotus� world famous Ride and Handling team, every conceivable component, such as suspension, wheels and tyres have been developed to provide the ultimate performance both on and off the track.

The Exige will be unveiled at the 2004 Geneva Motorshow for the UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific markets. Details of specifications and price will be announced closer to this unveiling date.

The K-Series engine will continue to be used within the Elise range for the foreseeable future.

Notes to Editors

A high-resolution picture of the rendering of the new Lotus Exige can be downloaded from the media centre of the official Group Lotus website at >> media centre > > photo-library. The PIN is 190528

For further details please contact;

PR Department,

Group Lotus plc,

Potash Lane,




NR14 8EZ

Tel: +44(0)1953 608264

Fax: +44(0)1953 608111

[email protected]

Well, I must say I’m a little disappointed. I’ve been worrying that I might be tempted to get my chequebook out again, but that’s far from certain based on this picture. The picture doesn’t seem to offer any surprises. It looks to be slightly less radical than the Mk1 Exige. On the plus side, I guess it will look slightly lower than the current model, which has always looked a little bit high at the rear, and a wee bit hunchbacked.
Somebody described the new car to me a few months ago, and his description was spot on. Apparently, the small wing on the engine cover is the best they can get through homologation, but there will be the option of a much bigger item.
My source also suggested that the wheels will fill the arches much better than the current model.

My wheels fill my arches a little too well on some bends…

Nice, but I can’t help but think that the car was made really to be homologated in… the US!
That’s why it’s a Toyota engine, that’s also reason for the ABS and aircon and what if… airbags!

And the fact that the Exige was a race replica of a car that existed. This one is not, but I’m sure it will appeal more to the newcomer.
That has probaby the added complication that more “executives” and/or trendy rich people will want one, not for driving them (like we do) but for the sake of having one, just like the TT’s, Nobles, Porsches and Ferraris of today.
The Elise on the other hand will contine to be the hardcore driver’s choice.
The downside is that our car may depreciate more.

Or… would it?

I mean the new one is not going to be faster, quicker nor offer the same driving experience (albeit raw). It’s going to be heavier and softer.
If we see one at the track it’s going to be routinely overtaken by Elises. The S1 Exige would be better.
But, would a new buyer care? Not really, only a purist.

The morale here is: don’t ever sell your Exige. That way it will keep its value.
Besides, if you sell it to get the new one, you will be overtaken by somebody in the old one at the track. You know that.