new Exige S options

Performance Pack
We are introducing a new major option on the Exige S - the Performance Pack, which
features the following specification:

� 308 mm front discs with AP RACING four piston callipers
� Uprated front and rear brake pads
� Full length roof scoop
� Variable slip traction control (as seen on the new 2-Eleven)
� Uprated clutch plate and cover
� Uprated vehicle performance through enhanced power and torque delivery

Engine specification with the performance pack option:
Power 179 kW 240 bhp 243PS @ 8000 RPM
Torque 230 Nm 170 lbft 23.5 kgm @ 5500 RPM
Estimated vehicle performance with the performance pack option:
0-100 mph 9.9 seconds
0-60 mph 4 seconds
0-62 mph 4.2 seconds
Maximum 150 mph

Retail Price �3,000

So you have to buy that on top of the sport pack which gets you the sport seats, roll bar etc??? if so it is a rip off!

I wonder why its not the cup 255 option ?

so you get the new roof but not the new remap :frowning:

How much for the roof on it’s own?

3k is not a rip off imo

the brake kit alone is over �1500
the roof will be over �1500 I bet

so imo 3k is quite good as you get both those thing a big power upgrade and the new traction contol unit.

A Lotus Exige should have all those things as standard if you ask me?!

Its becoming a joke though, i want a normal NA exige s2, but im starting to think its going to be cack in comparison to all these fancy new options/models etc

This is the whole problem witht he S2 and it seems every other week lotus make it worse for any one who owns one!

Limited edition after limited edition, new packs, upgrades, just a joke if you ask me!

Why would you want to buy a new one? As soon as you get it there will a newer option/upgrade/version on the streets.

You have to expect manufacturers to release new models but Lotus continually p**s of existing owners by making them feel their car is somewhat lacking.

Just my opinion.

Maybe the S3 Is Comming sooner than we think

Argh, its making me not want one now

I would say the S3 is just around the corner.

Perhaps this isn’t ‘just a great offer’ but Lotus clearing the decks to make room for new stuff? Exactly the same happened when the S2 came along.

There isn’t an S3 even in the pipeline. The eagle and esprit replacements are next and will take a long time to finish.

In the meantime just buy the cheapest S2 NA you can find and drive it like you stole it. With the weight difference of the S over the base model the extra power is hardly worth it. I had an S following me the other day and when we got it on an empty striaght dual carraigeway I nailed it and pulled over expecting him to crawl by but no. He just sat there, maybe gained a couple of feet but nothing to worry about. Just learn to drive properly and enjoy!

i find my S significantly faster than my NA S2 was

Bob, you may be right but when did Lotus ever ‘go public’ with a new model. They spring surprises on the dealer network, let alone the people who buy the cars.

Maybe the ‘S’ driver just wanted to make you feel better .

Bob you have gotta tell the other guy the race is on…

There isn’t an S3 even in the pipeline.

I wouldn’t be so sure. Lotus are past masters at keeping things under wraps. The launch of the S2 Elise seemed to take everyone by surprise, including the motoring press, and that was in spite of the fact that Lotus put up a new factory to build it and the VX220. The S2 Elise came out late 2000 and looks almost exactly the same now, so surely at least a heavily reskinned S2.5 Elise/Exige has to be on the cards soon? Pretty unusual in the motoring industry these days for a car to be in production so long without a face lift. Mind you, I have been thinking that an S3 was just around the corner for over a year now so who knows


I would say the S3 is just around the corner.

Depends upon how long you think that corner is I’ll be very surprised if it’s launched (if at all) before “Eagle”, & that’s officially now in 2009. Market is saturated with S2s, & dealers are struggling to sell new Exiges in the numbers to make it viable from a business point of view. Just look how many are available on Pistinheads alone - then check out individual dealers’ sites.

i find my S significantly faster than my NA S2 was


enough with the S envy already… it was flattering enuf when it was just the wishing-you-had-a-S2!

enough with the S envy already… it was flattering enuf when it was just the wishing-you-had-a-S2!

Are you on recreational drugs?

S2s are indeed very fine road cars… if that’s what you’re into. However, I’m not.