new clio v6

hi was looking through this weeks autocar and saw they are bringing out a new clio v6, was going to buy the current one but was put off by the very poor handling and the poor 0-60 time of 6.3 sec. so i was very pleased to read that they cliam they have sorted out the poor handling by making the wheel base longer, making the track wider,changed the suspension geometry and new anti rool bars and springs have been fitted, aslo it now sits on massive 18" wheels. Power has also been increased by 25bhp to 255bhp and with a shorter gear ratios the 0-60 time is now an impressive 5.5 sec and top speed of 155mph. To be honest it looks amazing with its new facelift, just wanted to know what you guys think of it just as a everyday roadcar? still keeping the elise but juat for weekend use as i want more comfort for a everday drive, the clio has half learther, air bags abs. trip computer, stacking cd, power steering, electric everything, air con and tracker. so what do you all think is it worth �26-28k

Its French

Buy a 2nd hand Z3 mCoupe and keep the change!!!I’ve just bought a new series one as a doner car for a track day project and gave �21k for a new one - residuals will be an issue!!!

KieronI wish I could afford one as my “everyday” car, particularly if the Mk2 is as improved as stated [image][/image]I think they have great “road presence” & I personally like the looks.

i certainly agree pesky it does look the business especially the blue one at the paris motoshow, it would stand out nearly as much as an exige on the road it is so wide at the back it is unbelievable. the bmw is a great car but i personaly dont like the looks of it. its in this weeks autocar if anyone want to see it. release date is march 2003 for uk sales but not sure if there will be a massive waiting list and if i can get the car in the blue

Impressive stats, but it doesn’t look too different from the old Renault 5 GT Turbo of the 80’s, which for some reason was always a popular car amongst the ambitious, greedy estate agents and salesmen. [image][/image]Not sure about the cosmetics, but I’m sure it will sell well, just like the Audi TT. BTW, have you considered the TT?

my cousin has a tt 220bhp it is a great car but to be honest the shape does not appeal to me that much and the trouble is even if you just go for a quick 15 spin you are guaranteed to see at least a hnadful of them so when you in it does not stand out nearly as much as a elise/exige/clio v6. not sure what the insurance would be like though 3.0 v6 24v 255bhp and im only 23!

I’ve always really hated the side air intakes on the V6. I think they kinda look cheap and stuck on.I was a little amused to see Race Speed have come up with some for the Elise/Exige. [image][/image] Do you reckon they work?!Ian [image][/image]ps. They’re �115 a pair![This message has been edited by IDG (edited 07 October 2002).]

Is it out in Europe yet? If so, then there’s bound to be a French registered one at Renault F1. Due in there next week so I’ll ask what they think of it. They openly told me that Mike Gascoyne (Tech Dir) had the ‘old’ one and came in with half the back end missing where the rear suspension had failed and thrown him into some bushes !!Did look goos though and more rare than Elise and Exige. �21k from Motorpoint for a brand new one though, so what does that tell you !!SOOTY

quote:Originally posted by Sooty Brown:Did look goos though and more rare than…ExigeNot sure about that?!

[QUOTE]Originally posted by IDG:Do you reckon they work?!Ian, Yes they work. Use a pair with handles still on in my suede boots and they keep them well in shape. [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Steve:[QUOTE]Ian, Yes they work. Use a pair with handles still on in my suede boots and they keep them well in shape. [image][/image] LOL! - Took me a few moments to get you but then I chuckled!I guess if they don’t increase your horsepower you can always keep the ends of your driving boots shapely!Ian [image][/image]

Nothing wrong with greedy estate agents…in fact if you’re an estate agent and not greedy, yer in the wrong job, dude!!

quote:Originally posted by IDG: Not sure about that?!Well the look is obviously down to individual taste. Maybe I’m not the right person to ask about rarity, but I’ve seen a hell of a lot more Exiges than I have V6 Clios (4, I think). Anybody know how many they have made? Bet its only in the hundreds? How many Exiges have been made? Hundreds again, I suppose !!SOOTY

quote:Originally posted by Sooty Brown:Anybody know how many they have made?There’s about 600 Exiges globally, probably 400 in the UK. I reckon V6s are in the thousands for Europe alone. Wouldn’t hazard a guess at the number in the UK. You may be right, but I doubt by much. Ask them when you go to Renault F1!Ian [image][/image]

SootyAround 600 Exiges were built. You’ve seen quite a few Exiges, because you’re a very welcome guest at most of the trackdays we do together [image][/image]Would love to be on track at the same time as a Clio V6 [image][/image]

funnily enough the uk is the biggest market in the world for the v6 so i guess there are not many at all in europe.renault have sold 350 clio v6 in the uk.production has now moved to the former alpine factory in dieppe, as ford now control the swedish twr factory.

Yep chassis no 601 was the last to pass through the technical dept, the Clio V6 may be rare now but so was the TT once !!!

not sure if there will ever be loads of them as they are only making max of 12 v6 a day, and besides how many people will want to spend �26-�28k on a clio?

Even at a production run of 100 days thats twice as many made as the Exige !! Any idea how long they will do them for ? Not that i’m interested in a Clio, my car will be buried with me [image][/image]