my toy

Owner: Ricardo Wang
Occupation: IT engineer/Part-time Honda Engine Builder
Chasis #:80420
Colour: Black

present state: 190Bhp, sports exhaust,sports seats and harnesses.

future mods: Prototype Racing Honda K20 conversion in Approx 5 weeks from today.

current cars. Honda Civic “Jordan” with a B-series engine capable of 12,000RPM
and Lotus Exige


Looks very cool

Looks very cool

And Black

Black IS cool

(Uh Oh - here we go again)

And diffikult to see in ee dark…

U caalin me a daark horse ??

Richardo, you doing the engine transplant yourself? What spec engine you gonna have? Cheers, Ian


Richardo, you doing the engine transplant yourself? What spec engine you gonna have? Cheers, Ian

Yup, am doing the engine myself.
the engine will be a UK K20A2 however, I want to get it running first before anything else is done to it.

I am however will be installing a Speed Inc 1.5 way LSD for the extra traction.

Once the it’s running who knows? watch this space.

i also will install the PR honda kit…let me know how it proceeds ahki.


the ball is rolling…

my engine has arrived.
[image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]


Is the engine brand new?

I love the fact that it looks like it’s so light you just picked it up out the boot of a car and pop it in the corner of the garage!


ps. I hope nobody knows where you live, those things are in HOT demand!

nah, not new, but it’s low mileage though.

Light… very light…

Where did you get the engine from?

I got the engine from a scrappy up north.

ah… Spoke to Joe. delays… I won’t be getting my kit on the first week on Nov. so guys you will have to hold your breath that lil longer.

Do you mind saying what you paid for the engine?

Is there anything done to the engine (or do you plan to) to get it beyond 197bhp?

Cheers, Ian

I can’t really say, as I got a pretty good deal out of it and I promise help the guy out a bit.

standard 200ps pah! nah, it’s going beyond that.

I will be doing some work on this engine, as it is going into my own car, but I will try to keep it NA and sedate enough for everyday driving.

like most owners, I use this car for other purposes other than Track days. like shopping…

here are some pics to keep you guys entertained.

I lied about going NA.

Spoon Throttlebody
Spoon LSD
JDM lightweight flywheel
Supercharged K-series
argh…OMG… what have they done!!
from the back seat… huh?

That is going to fly!!!

I’m thinking of stalking skylines