My Exige - 2001 51 plate

Sad to say that my Exige MkI is up for sale:-

Lotus Exige, December 51 plate
19000 miles, last serviced at 18K
Full Lotus service history (Bell & Colvill)
Laser blue with blue alcantara interior
190BHP ECU upgrade
CAT replacement pipe and baffles removed
CAT & Baffles being sold with the car
Air con
Radio fitting kit
Racing Seats & 4 point Harnesses
Tuned & head reworked (includes valve work and all sorts), performed by Minister Engines (Via Bell & Colvill) - this imporved low rev torque and power.
All reciepts kept
Yokohama A048 tyres all round
No damage to the car other than stone chips.
Factory Alarm & immobiliser
Balance of warranty that i renewed last year remaining (assuming it can be transferred)
One driver from new

A truly glorious car that will be sadly missed…

Looking for �21995.00 ONO

What’s replacing it Rob?


I made the mistake of test driving a Noblem M400 a couple of weeks back, hence the sale.

If anyone wants to look at her :-
My Exige for sale

The car is located in Berkshire


Can�t argue with that!

Ok, kinda fed up with time wasters now, so how about someone who genuinely has cash to spend gives me a call and i’ll accept �19995.00 for a quick sale? tel 07771 967842

Shipping it to NZ now ?

well hey were just itching for them over here in NZ but i havnt yet got my plans sorted out… i figured out that there is one s2 in NZ and thats it for the exige ! so there is a huge market. i figure i will be ready to be buying some mid next year

if i had the money here right now id be on the next plane to come get it trust me…

Just to throw a bit of a curve ball into your calculations, prices will drop a bit over the Winter in the UK and start to climb again in Spring.


So do any of you actually want to buy my fine example of an Exige?

Well, we already have one!.
But let me tell you that if I hadn’t, I would buy yours. Really nice example.

I guess you should advertise it in other Lotus sites as well, SELOC, NYLOC, BBS, S_E, Pistonheads, VX220, MG, or the Noble or Caterham groups… are there others?

Clearly you need two then!

It’s already on Pistonheads but i’ll take a look at the other sites, thanks.

I still can�t believe I�m having difficulty selling it; in fact I still haven�t really come to terms with actually selling it! It�s such a great car it seems really odd to be getting rid of it for another��.

It’s the end of the trackday season Rob. That dampens demand somewhat.

I think it’s because it’s just too rare to have made a following.
And them many of the current crop of Lotus drivers are these guys looking to “be seen”, I’m sorry but I find no other description. Threfore, for these, only an open top model would make sense.

It seems that the only ones that don’t care of showing our long waving curls are us (or probably are sooo ugly that we don’t want to be seen)
OTOH, I believe that we just couldn’t care less.

This may be a factor while selling the S1 Exige, apart from the fact that the way in/out is a bit more difficult than the S2.

I would wait if you could, it can take a while but the perfect client will come knocking at your door.
I can imagine some months down the road one guy posting here to buy and looking but not being able to get a fine example.

We are part of a minority, and as minority, we have to realize that most people don’t think like us.
Most people wouldn’t put up with no AC, no removable roof, noise, hard seats, hard suspension (dare I say power steering and ABS), small access door… even Jeremy Clarkson never even took note of this model, not reviewed it as far as I know, but he did the S2, and liked it! (I’m slightly offended by this slight oversight)

Anyway, if you can wait, wait, but offer it to the persons that would be lkikely to buy one: the ones that have seen one flying past at the tracks.

gee thanks when exactly is your winter? i like the sound of this price dropping bit…

I’d say the ‘Trackday Winter’ is from about now through to March.


Sold via the Autotrader, thanks for everyones ideas and suggestions.


I would say congratulations but the loss of an Exige must be a difficult thing!

Get good money?


… even Jeremy Clarkson never even took note of this model, not reviewed it as far as I know, but he did the S2, and liked it! (I’m slightly offended by this slight oversight)

He didn’t, but Tiff Needle did, while still in Top Gear. I have the vid somewhere in here…