motorsport covers

Hi guys,

after mike’s enquiries for one of these, I have dug around and found a number of these covers. these are original glass fiber items from Autobytel series and are available at 260UKP + freight. also have capacity to manufacture carbon fiber motorsport covers for approx 400-450UKP+ freight depending on demand. anybody interested, before i send Mike Lane’s cover all by itself?


I am happy to be the central depot over here…

I do get around the country and with a little co-operation (like a relay race) I am sure we could sort things out!!

I suppose we can save something by having them “freightened” all together?

I’m in for a glassfibre one (I’m on a budget)

Put me down for one too, please. (Glass Fibre)

me too (glasss fibre) - now need to line up a paint and body shop

should we set a cut off date, so I can get these things set to you guys? Mike, since yours was the initial order, I’ll let you set a time limit for initial shipment. Glass fiber ones are in limited supply, so will check on quantities


Ang, sorry, i’m new to Lotus, can you post a picture of what it looks like and will it fit my Exige?

thanks and sorry for be ignorant.

help! how do i add a photo to post?

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thanks uldis. that settles it then…i have no images available on a url, so anybody wanting photos of motorsport cover is welcome to email me [email protected]

Or post it in a gallery and post the URL.


Angelo, can you send me the pictures. you have my email.

thanks Ricardo

I got them, basically they are pics installed on his track car.
Look nice (as usual) but I can see they don’t have the hinge enabled, just 1/4 turn fasteners.
We will ahve to work out our own system. if we want to use the pull cable and hinge.

Still, I’m up for it.

OK, as you ask, I’ll wait till Sunday evening for people to express interest and then do a ‘summary’ post.

Angelo, can you email everyone and sort out who is definite?

On sunday I’ll make a judgement as to whether we need to allow extra time.

Ang - there is a natural reticence to send money to someone on the other side of the world, on the strength of an email… I’m not personally worried, but I don’t want others to hold me responsible, if you catch my drift - are you happy to trust the collective to pay on delivery?

the motorsport covers are secured by clips on my car, and on original motorsport elises by little screws. Mike has been the fortunate one to buy my old CF cover, which happens to have a hinge fitting like your exiges do. there’s nothing stopping the rest of you from fitting your hinges to these things if that’s how you want to use them. I have fitted the clips as my car is almost exclusively used for track work/racing.

as for the payment issue, I’m sure you can all understand my hesitance in sending a collective large value of items without payment and little opportuity for recourse should there be a problem. Please note that being on the other side of the world means I have had to pay for items in advance every time i order something, even from other members of this bbs. for all who have noted my email address, you will easily find my webpage and location , not to mention give away my profession… i don’t think you guys should have anything to worry about…really

come on cough up ya blighters…


I am entirely confident in you, and also I have received a private message from a very respected long term member who has satisfactorily done business with you.

Name your terms !!

…not to mention give away my profession… i don’t think you guys should have anything to worry about…really

LOvL! Is that what you say for a living before starting your drill!

Just joshing Angelo.


If there’s enough to go round, put me down for one too, please. (Glass Fibre)


OK then.

So to summarise we have the following orders for glassfibre covers…





Anyone else before we strike the deal??

(Ahki - what about you??)