More Intercooler testing

We are doing some more intercooler testing on Saturday.

We have 2 identical 240bhp Exiges at a trackday at Bedford on Saturday.

One is fitted with the first generation Pro Alloy intercooler and has also had the side scoop air hose feed mods done. We have done the side scoop mods in a way so we can easily fit them and take them off to back to back test how much difference the side scoops make.

We also have a standard intercooler and a Forge intercooler that we will swap and take test readings from both on the second car.

I would really love to borrow an MMG intercooler as that would make the test pretty all encompassing with what is out there at the moment.

I have to stress that JSR do not stock or sell any brand of intercooler (and also have no current plans to do so) so we are doing this for nothing more than to know the answers.

I dont know anyone at MMG, and felt uneasy about calling and asking to borrow one as if someone did it to me I would think there was some kind of ulterior motive going on. So if anyone has one I could borrow or knows the folks at MMG enough to see if they would like to lend us one then please let me know.

I know its a bit short notice, but I only booked the track day and we only had the idea to do some testing this afternoon.

We will test all the intercoolers we have over a set number of laps with the same driver and we will then test the proalloy shod car with and without the side scoop air hoses and will report back on our findings.

Lets hope it is a hot day :wink:

Can’t you fit a chargecooler too ??
Talk about half a job !!
:smiley: :wink: :smiley:
And Saturday will be pissing down cos I’m at the V Festival !

haha. We thought about it, but we dont have all of the stuff to fit one before saturday. If I could get a charge cooler shod car we could test that and then swap out the charge cooler for an intercooler, but i dont have a charge cooled car at my disposal

yes you do there’s a purple one that always seems to be sitting in the unit !!!

We did look at your car to be honest, but taking the charge cooler out of the loop and putting an intercooler in with your setup wouldn’t be straight forward.

not had any experiance with them personally but I know plenty of people that have and all say good things. Would of thought its worth just giving them a call and seeing what they say.

oh ok

by the way fancy a job as pit stop timer after my c**k up at Donny :wink: :crazy: :cry: :cry:

I will ask Liam at MMG in the morning , I’m sure they won’t have a Marston core stage two as they are made to order and takes months to get the core but they may have a Bently core stage one on the shelf .
Not sure what I’m doing on Saturday but if I’m not doing anything I could bring my stage two to use .

Don’t know where you are based, but would want the cooler only, and preferably clean. Can do that quickly at the workshop if you can get it to us?? If not, let us know and we can bring all the stuff to sort on saturday.

Cheers matey, much appreciated. I would love to include them in the test as it will be a nice set of results to have.

Will you be testing the flow rate of the intercoolers and how quick they cool down or just peak temps again ?

Peak temps and recovery time/ability over a number of laps.

Agreed, flow rate would be nice, but not easy to set up for and test on a track day. Unless you have a plan??

No I think flow rates would have to be bench tested , not unless you can mesure and log the supercharger boost psi on track .

I called Liam and he’s got a stage one in stock that he’s happy for you to use , he’s going to call JSR .

Just spoken to him, going to see him and collect it this morning. Was very happy to lend it to us and see what the results are.

Can’t say fairer than that

Awesome, thanks for sorting that out matey.

Fingers crossed for a nice day. :slight_smile:

I could try and send my stage two but I have a 3 way carbon shroud bonded to the intercooler , I could try a get it off and fit the standard one that Liams got but it’s a lot of messing about + cost of sending + it’s over �2k worth , will have a think .

Nice 1 Moomin …
Nice 1 JSR…
Nice 1 MMG …
Exigers will benefit hugely from this .
looking forward to the figures :wink:

… Just hope the gearbox holds out ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Looks like a warm (22) dry day on Saturday up there so good luck