More Intercooler testing 2!

I did some more intercooler testing today.

After chatting with a few more people, just to get differing opinions, I am now 100% convinced that the car doesn’t have enough air flow to the intercooler to warrant a denser core. I think the standard intercooler worked best in my last tests, as it is quite free flowing and it doesn’t slow down or restrict what limited amount of airflow that actually does manage to get to the intercooler.

So the aim now is to increase the airflow.

Following my last tests, my IC is fed by the roof scoop and the two side scoops into the standard IC shroud via 3" hose.

I wanted to try a 211 intercooler shroud. As we know they are fed from 2 naca ducts in the top of the rear bodywork via 4" pipe.

So I got a 211 shroud and some 4" pipe and went to Bruntingthorpe.

The test route was from our car park which was by the end of the main straight, around the back of the main straight via the twisty track that is probably about 2 miles long, then gun it down the full 1.7 mile straight, then cruise around in 6th at 70mph to let it recover and then gun it again through 4th, 5th and 6th down the full straight and then back to the car park to try something different.

The different scenarios we tested were:

Just the roof scoop

The roof scoop and the 3" side pipes

Just the 3" side pipes

211 intercooler shroud with 4" side pipes

I took a reading at the start of the straight on the 2nd lap and then a reading at the end of the straight on the 2nd lap at the point I came off the throttle.

The temp reading was taken from the air temp sensor the ECU uses via our laptop from the Syvecs software

The ambient temperature for all the tests was between 11 and 12 degrees

The results were as follows:

Just the roof scoop: 23 degrees - 63 degrees

The roof scoop and the 3" side pipes: 14 degrees - 44 degrees

Just the 3" side pipes: 14 degrees - 50 degrees

211 intercooler shroud with 4" side pipes: 13 degrees - 37 degrees

The conclusion is the roof scoop doesn’t do a lot and the 211 shroud and 4" pipes fed from the side vents is the way to go. 2nd best is to feed 3" pipes into the sides of the standard intercooler shroud. You can’t fit anything bigger in there, in fact 3" ones are quite a squeeze.

The only other mod I had done is to put a baffle inside the 211 shroud to direct the air onto the intercooler, as in standard form, it is just an empty hole with no direction plates. I made these with some bits of thin ally and sickaflexed them into place. I will take a pic when I take the shroud off to fit it properly.

Below a pic of the 211 shroud installed. Temp install with gaffa tape. it wont be like this when I have done it properly.

The other upside of this is that all us Elise Coupe owners can now take our roofs off, with no adverse effects to the charge temps.

Expect to see more of this from me:

I had Benja in the car for most of the tests and Christians better half, Zoe in the car for the rest, so all results were independently verified.

Didn’t I tell ya my design worked !!
:wink: :wink:

What setup you got on yours matey?

Interesting stuff Sean. Subjectively, did you feel any difference with the different configurations (or measure any, timewise)?

So no roof scoop hey…just a great big slab of drag then!

Has anyone read Trackdriver the month, because you really should…

Nice to see it works Sean :slight_smile:

I’m going to be using one for the outlet on mine…

What I would be interested in seeing results for would be an I/C mounted directly in the drivers side pod.

I fitted twin 3 inch pipes fed from the side scoops and showed John what I,d done.I did a thread on it at the time …
Also I’ve got the Jamssint big roof scoop on too.

Nice results Sean, I could have done without a roof scoop today!!

[quote=TarmacTerrorist]Nice to see it works Sean :slight_smile:

I’m going to be using one for the outlet on mine…

What I would be interested in seeing results for would be for an I/C mounted directly in the drivers side pod. [/quote]
Check out the VF supercharger kit, it has the intercooler mounted in the left side pod area with good results… It’s a better placement since it doesn’t block the belt or alt…

Do you think the roof scoop is pulling less air or just that it is warmer or even a combo?


Should have just taken the whole day off and bought my car up too. Never mind…was still good to see everyone and help with a bit of testing.

Roll on Anglesey…

Good job Sean, nice work :slight_smile:

Out of interest how are you ducting the 4" pipes, what type of inlets to the pipe?
Do you loose a lot of the side cooling air or the engine?

2 4 inch pipes came from the side intakes up to the 2-11 shroud.

Any inlets used on the pipe or just pipe pulled into side pods?

Or just buy a charge cooler :whistle:

Good results though and certainly a very cheap upgrade :smiley:

pipe pulled to side pods, open ends.

can’t argue with that. Nice work Sean
Surprised 4" pipes will fit down there
Have you got wide side pods?

[quote=jfk]Didn’t I tell ya my design worked !!
:wink: :wink: [/quote]

I had forgotten that actually matey. Seems like my new design works better though! :wink: :wink:

I dont know on that one. I reckon its just not pulling that much air. but as I say I have no evidence of that.

One thing I did think of afterwards, was it would have been nice to try a run with everything blocked off, i.e. no air flow to the intercooler at all. Just to see what difference the limited air flow from all the different sources actually makes.