MK2 Exige - Water Ingress In Passenger Footwell

We are having problems with water ingress into the passenger footwell on our (apart from this!) fabulous new mk2 Exige.

Our supplying dealer (Murray Motors, Glasgow) has so far been unable to trace the problem (3 attempts so far, another next week).

Anyone any ideas - it’s beginning to piss us off a bit, especially since the winters coming as we use the car on a daily basis.

Mine (S1) had that where the water actually leaked down the windscreen pillar and appeared in the footwell. You haven’t been removing your roof have you?


Hi IDG - No I haven’t (yet) but the dealer did to sort out a very annoying squeek, but we had the leak (sorry ingress) before they did this.

The dealers been talking to the factory who came up with a few ideas and at a Lotus trackday @ Knockhill (brilliant as it was their cars) I spoke to a Lotus Technician, says sometimes the cars not sealed properly at the back of the chassis rails and this doesn’t show up during leak testing at the factory as the water only becomes visible once the car is parked on a downward slope, however, they’ve tried this I think.

Dealer says they will have a Lotus Technician at the dealership at the end of the month, it’s not exactly rocket science is it?

We are having problems with water ingress into the passenger footwell on our (apart from this!) fabulous new mk2 Exige.

And I thought that the S2 Exige was set to compete in different, more refined market.
Keeping the caharcter alive…

Don’t worry, I only hear good things about Murray Motors, they’ll sort it out eventually.


Thanks for the words of faith Uldis, they have the car again (we have a lovely! Cherokee).

I think we might have the only silicon Exige with bits of car attached, anyone know what effect this will have on performance and cornering ability?

Funny to think we changed from an Elise because we didn’t like the water ingress!!

What you got yourself, MK1 I guess?

Anyway I hope your right.

Yep, S1, but tired of the servicing of the local mechanics (and would not dream of driving as far as Murray Motors), I’m doing everything myself now.

Therefore, the car is in bits (for the past 2 months )

Uldis - sorry to hear about the car in bits.

Maybe a water ingress ain’t so bad then! Mind you at least you’ve got the car.

What are you doing to it anyway, surely you don’t have to take it to bits for ‘normal’ servicing?

Did you read the King K series post?

My engine is being “blueprinted” or rebuilt taking the opportunity after a bad HGF repair (leaks everywhere and head rattling)
Gearbox off as well for some preventive maintenance (and the small matter of fitting a Quaife LSD), rear clam off (because I needed to), front clam off to be resprayed, wheels powder-coated.

I am at the point of assembling the front.
Somehow, putting the things back together is much slower than taking them off.
But that’s the attention to quality you need.
I doubt very much any mechanic or Lotus dealer would take off any rust found on a bracket and repaint it, or clean the insides of the clam, or the insides of the front end to bring it to an as-new condition, or change (or clean) any rusty bolt, or substituting bolts that rust by alloy ones, or closing the holes (found on front clam removal, in the fiberglass part of the front cabin, where the oil pipes come out from) with proper-sized rubber plugs and fitting some thick insulating material to the oil pipes, etc.

It’s a thing of love…

Uldis, would you like to do mine next?

I want you to love mine the way you love your own

No you don’t…

Hey you lot, guess what!!

They think they’ve found the water ingress problem - wait for it - wait, ok: some Muppet at the factory didn’t fit the seal between the roof and the rear clam (the one you can see from outside, if you knew it was supposed to be there in the first place), dealers demo is also the same so they didn’t realise either.

Now we just have to wait for the part to arrive!!

Good news though is we get the car back until then presumably with a bucket and squagee (not sure about that spelling!)

Anyway looks like it will be usable before yours Uldis (sounds like your doing it the right way after all that work you’d want to know it was spot on).

One more question - anyone know how to change their user name (the one that’s shown above, I feel a bit of a p**k as the only one using his normal name), failing that how can I contact as the ‘contact us’ link seems to be blank?

Errr… my name is actually Uldis…

BTW, you can’t change the user name. You’re stuck with it, unless you want to create another user.

PS - see? I told you they’d find the cure!

I feel a bit of a p**k as the only one using his normal name)

Ho there fellow p**k

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Good - I’m glad that woke you all up!

Anyway - I’ve now seen what the missing seal looks like, one of the guys at the showroom (Chrysler guys) said “see that’s what happens with hand built cars”.

Any comments on that one then?