MK2 Exige - Water Ingress In Passenger Footwell

Yeah … ask him if they forgot the designer when they came up with the PT Cruiser cabrio

At least they handle better than the bloody Crossfire!

WTF were they thinking!

I thought the Crossfire was the Merc SLK chassis.


Yeah, my wife’s SLK is the worst handling car I’ve driven in years.
I miss her Alfa

The new ones meant to be quite good though.


Yes, but the Crossfire is based on the old SLK.

The missing seal has finally arrived, should be fitted tomorrow - Yeah at last we can drive without a souwesta and enjoy the car as it’s meant to be enjoyed (and it’s run in too, mmm power band city!! - lets see what this thing can do). P.S. Anyone else had the same problem?

Well I got a very wet leg (in my S1) on Friday in heavy rain, from it running down the A-pillar.


Ian, would that heavy rain have been at Hullavington just after I had left ?! SIMON.

Yeah, thankfully I was on the M4 by then, it would have been no fun on track!



Im driving around in an S2 Elise at the moment while the ‘factory’ repair something on my car

And anyway on Saturday I was shocked to see 2 inches of water in the passenger footwell in the footrest!

The car was parked on my girlfriends drive on a bit of a slope and it had been raining but this was a flood!!!

Nice to seee the build quality is getting better

For what is worth, my Exige has never leaked inside…

Same here

My Elise leaked a bit but not as much as this S2!

The only place my Exige has leaked is in the boot and Brendan sorted that out for me