Mallory Park 2nd May

Anbody coming ??

Me & Dad, 99% probable.

I’ve got no excuse, it’s only about a 15 minute drive for me. I’ll have to see what SWMBO says

Me, of course, working the pits for MattC…

Come and visit

Me, of course, working the pits for MattC…

Pit Crew photo…


I’m going to try and make it along too. I might even get to drive the Exige up now that I have found that the head doesn’t need skimming . Looking forward to meeting you guys.


Good news - I’ll mail you offline with mobile no.

Pesky - slight correction to our earlier conversation - practice is at 11.20am, we are race 6 so I expect about 3.30 - 3.45ish…

Full program:

9.30 Pre-war / Feltham / 50s sportscars
9.50 Austin Healeys
10.15 Aston Martin Champs
10.35 MGCC Champs
11.00 Thoroughbreds
11.20 Mid Engined Sports Cars (ie us)
11.45 Intermarque
12.05 Classic Clubmans
12.25 Sports v Saloons

Racing starts at 1.30pm


Thankee - see ya on Sunday

Wonder if Mr Bean will be there, bent his Lagonda rather badly last year coming out of the esses !

Wonder if Mr Bean will be there, bent his Lagonda rather badly last year coming out of the esses !

Careful what you say - don’t want you to get a writ for libel

For those interested, here is a link to the


Thanks, Mike, I was searching for it the other day without any luck!

See you guys on Sunday

Sunny days, and a trophy for a Lotus ???

Make sure you bring Chris Randall to meet us!!


What a great day we had, and it was nice to meet some new friends, notably Chris Randall, and Dedgood E, and of course all the ‘old ones’.

The car was pretty reliable all day, except for a damper leak, which threw Matt off a couple of times before we sussed a ‘cure’.

What followed was several frantic hours repairing the car with gaffer tape, and ingenuity!! (Good teamwork )

Matt was running in fourth place in race six until a jubilee clip worked loose on the intercooler, losing us boost, and our cold air feed, however we did finish the race!!

The best was yet to come, however, because Matt, starting in second place on the grid in race 9, against a very fast fire breathing Aston, made a demon start to beat the Aston into the first bend, built up a reasonable gap, and cruised to a magnificent win !! (Well I would say that, wouldn’t I ??)

Piccies HERE and ALSO HERE

And here is the winning car BEFORE THE GAFFER TAPE

Yep, fantastic day out in glorious sunshine. Excellent turnout from

As Mike says, Matt & his team really worked very hard & effectively - Matt’s first place finish in the final race was well deserved.

There were several very rapid Exiges & Motorsport Elises racing today, with the first few positions being very competitively fought for.Whilst some of the more experienced racers were quicker than Matt around the corners, his car had noticeably more power when on the straights.

There were some other cracking races today, with plenty of overtaking action - particularly braking into, around & on the exit of the hairpin

Big thanks to all the teams in the Mid Engined series, who are all sooo friendly & more than happy to chat to spectators & other competitors alike

This is a “must see” series, so who’s up for a big get together at Oulton on 31st May?

Yup, great day out - congrats to Matt & the team for a win on their first day out. Great driving under pressure from a three way battle for second place, and well done for the mech’s who got the car back out after a shunt.

Yep, great day out, good to meet you all again and have a chat to some people I hadn’t met before (Hi Mike). Thanks Russ for sortin’ the ice creams, a fab idea on a hot day. I’d forgotten what fun motor racing can be (I’ve been a BTCC sponsor for the past few years) and it’s made me realise what has gone wrong with British motorsport…no one ever smiles at the so called premier championships and that’s a real shame, I think they should all visit Mallory and wake up to how it should be…oh dear soapbox rant sorry guys…

I think Matt was something of a hero to continue driving the car after two nasty high speed spins. The left rear damper lost its fluid in the test session and obviously the car handled evil afterwards. Neverless he was holding 4th in the main event before the turbo pipe blew and had a win in the second. Brilliant.

Oh and thanks for the ice creams :slight_smile:)


How did Mark D get on in the MGF?