Magnesium Speedlines (again !)

I’m in communication with Speedline regarding getting another batch of Speedline 2010s supplied.

Not only are they half the weight of the original items, they look the dogs bollocks too


Please register your interest !

Price last time was around �1200 a set.

I’m interested, but the exchange rate is keeping me from getting really interested.

How much do people think I can sell a set of stock wheels for?

Stock S1 Exige wheels go for between �650 and �750 UK for a decent set.

I would love a set of mags as I think they look awesome and the obvious weight saving, but at that much i’d be scared stiff of curbing them or something.


Talk to Graeme @ Plans Motorsport

he was trying to sell me a set of mag speedlines last week

Were they spanking new ? I’m not sure I’d want a pre-owned set of magnesiums

i think they were yes … he obtained them for a customer who pulled out and decided he couldnt afford them

Mr Admin have you spoken to David at Speedline Corse UK (see here)? He may have a set or so left.

What they look like (in white though)



Yep, David is who I’ve been speaking to.

I’m trying to get an idea of numbers of sets.

(I know what they look like silly… I had them on my TT260)

(I know what they look like silly… I had them on my TT260)

I know, I was just trying to help drum up business!

I really like that pic of your original Titanium car at the end of a pit lane with them on (from a ages ago). It was on it’s own just out on to the track.


I know what they look like silly… I had them on my TT260

I don’t think they look silly at all

I think this shows them off better


Not as good as IDG’s pic, but here’s the photo you’re referring to:


Too many pictures of Mag Speedlines and now I want some (and I am holding you to blame Ian )

Post when you have some prices David as I could be interested.

May have to wait until Brucey Bonus time due to the finance drainage scenario currently being experienced ,…GF departure=toy fund cripplage

Ben, Would look goooood on a black car!

That’s the picture David. They’re almost with and without diffuser shots.


maybe interested in a set of them. How long do they take to arrive, hpoefully not to fast as i need to find the money aswel. How much are the slicks to go with them? I take it that price is without tyres?

It won’t be for a while yet, once I have a good idea of numbers I’ll let Speedline know. (Possible 4 sets so far)

Put me down as a possible - price dependant. Any chance of getting a tyre deal at the same time?

I have actually had a set of these on order since August 31st last year and was told I would get them in around 5 or 6 weeks. I then chased them up on 10th January this year and was told that they would be available in a week or so, still dont have them

[quote]I’m in communication with Speedline regarding getting another batch of Speedline 2010s supplied.[quote]

Hi, out of interest: I bought a set last time round, but haven’t yet put them on the car - waiting for summer. I have heard from other “sources” that to maintain the correct rear track you need to use 3mm spacers ( I was told these are the same as the motorsport elise offset and different to the Exige?) Any clarification??? And sorry if it has all been covered before.

FWIW, David @ Speedline replied to me that the 2010 type wheel will ahould be available for the S2 Exige/111R in a couple of weeks.

edit- he said he should have news on the S2 wheels in a couple of weeks, not available wheels.