Lug Nuts steel or alloy?

Anyone know if the standard lug nuts on the Exige are alloy or steel? Alloy will not work well with the new cordless impact hammer I got for xmas!

There alloy i think.

Where did the word “lug” come from, any idea?

I think (from the weight alone) they are steel (stainless, since they never rust).
Besides, Geary sells alloy ones as an upgrade…

If you are talking about the wheel nuts then I agree with Uldis that based upon the weight of them they are most likely steel.

I was gobsmacked the first time I removed awheel from my exige… firstly I couldn’t believe the weight of the wheel nuts then when I got the wheel off it was about 25% heavier than I had been expecting… my old M3 wheels/tyre combination was lighter (and bigger !).

Shame the Rimstocks on the new Exige are unlikely to be the same diamentions


So we could nick em Uldis…

Although they are prolly pretty heavy affairs as well ??

No, I mean why are they unlikely to be the same dimensions?

I would have expected they kept the same dimensions as the sports option on the S2…

The new wheels will be the same basic dimensions in terms of width and diameter, but as the S2 has longer wishbones, the offset is quite different. Shame cos I fancied the OZ wheels fitted to s2 sports.


Still think we could get some made if enough of us wanted some. It’s not like Speedline haven’t got the molds (or what ever) for the Mags.

Anybody interested?


Anybody interested?

Not me, sorry mate.

Ian - still job-0-huntin and empty-pocked

I would be up for it if I do land a big one, though

I am forever looking for the best option for a lightweight set, and am ging to talk to a german supplier (ATS).
I saw a picture on a magazine of a gorgeous new model, and am going to check if they can drill them in our offsets.

Otherwise the OZ superleggera is the best option.

Otherwise the OZ superleggera is the best option.

Better than Speedline Mags?

Ta, Ian

Sorry, thought you knew about them.
They are the ones in the 190 S2 and the 135R stock.
Multi-spoke, very light but so far available only in the S2 offset.

Have a look here

I’m looking for a spare set, what is making the Exige wheels so special, offset, holes or both? If the road set were alloy and the track set magnesium would that be an acceptable compromise?

If it is the offset could a spacer or conversion plate be used?

Kerry (thinking of the next set of tyres)

It’s both, but mainly the offset.
But these can be fairly easy to solve (no, no spacer). The main problem is that you may find the the Exige sizes:

Front: 7J x 16 ET7
Rear: 8.5J x 17 ET5

are not very common. I mean 7"x 16" and 8.5"by 17" are hard to find.
When you do, then you have to order a bunch to make it interesting for the factory to produce an individual offset and bolt pattern like ours.
I tried to get everuone interested some time ago so we could order about 10 sets, but could not get enough people interested.

I am still on the quest for an extra set, and meanwhile I have found a couple possible brands that would like to do them, but if there are more like me, maybe we could get a better price.
And I know, the Speedlines are out there, but they don’t make them any more, which makes the few sets left very expensive (about �1700/set) and I don’t like monopolies.
Besides, their design never grew on me. They’re the best, but I feel the 5 fat spokes don’t suit the flowing lines of the Exige.
The Superleggera on the previous post or the Evo models would look much nicer.

So, should I let you know what I find before I order a set?

Yes please keep me informed, I’ll need a set for the snow tyres.

Me too please.

I quite like the Speedlines. Makes it look more like the racer. Are you really not interested in them? I could get in touch with my helpful contact and see how manys sets it’d take to do another run for us.