Lug Nuts steel or alloy?

Well, yes, if the price is right why not?
Ask him to quote you for about 10 sets, as that’s as many people I reckon would be interested from here.

See if they can get near to about �1000 quid/set (seeing the typical huge Lotus-world markup it could even be less) (hopefully)

These are the ones I think would look the dogs dangles:

but as it usually happens they don’t make them on sizes other than 15"x7", although I was just looking at their site where they say that once thy have developed a model, sizes up and different (as in custom) widths and offsets are no problem.
I’ll give them a call.

What do you think?

I quite like them. They’re like the Motorsport’s mags but with the 5 spokes cut-out.

I’d want them in a dark colour, ideally black for my Gunmetal car.

What they made of? What does the 15x7 cost? Weight?


Bugger, just spoke to them and they won’t do.

They are made for the DTC series exclusively, and are 7" x 15" or 7.5" x 17".
Bugger becasue the price was EU 148 per wheel and they were light (5.5 and 6 Kg respectively).

Will have to look elsewhere

(but I still like the design)

I doubt they’d have liked Pot Holes much then. [If that make you feel any better]