LOTUS sticker on rear clam

After a careless driver hit my Exige at the rear while being parked my car gets a full repaint. Now I need to get hold of an original LOTUS sticker for the rear clam. It is currently not available from the factory and the one I ordered from a sticker specialist looks slightly different to the one on my car. As my car had been repainted before it may not be original.

It would help a lot if someone with an 100% original car could post a picture of the rear clam showing the LOTUS sticker. It wouldn’t hurt if more than one picture shows up as Lotus may have used different stickers during the production run.


Hi Klaus, this is the orginal sticker on my car:

Thanks [mention]dris[/mention] , that sticker looks like the one on my car.
Any more pictures?


Have you tried Titanium Dan ?

Here is his website

I didn’t know about Titanium Dan’s web shop, thanks for the link. I contacted him via mail.
Interestingly he notes about other reproductions:
‘Beware of inaccurate reproductions on ebay, Lotus used a customised font for the Elise and other versions on ebay do not match the original shape and style of the font - look closely at the styling of some of the characters, in particular the “S” which always seems to be incorrect!’.

I was able to buy all the stickers from lotus late last year? Are you sure they are not available? i bought them as i polished and coated my car last year and was worried i might damage a sticker. I didn’t luckily!

Does anyone have the vector files they would be willing to share? i’d like to cut customer license plate bracket and incorporate the Exige logo with my car number.

Crikey, that’s a useful link, thanks

I tried to order the sticker via Deroure and the charcoal LOTUS one was not available 4 weeks ago. You can still buy the silver one although the Lotus factory is currently closed due to the lockdown.

I placed an order with Dan who shared some more details about subtle differences in the letters which are often missed by other reproductions. I will report back as soon the stickers arrive. Many thanks to all the support, this is still a great site.

Hey Klaus. Dan and Bob VanM on Seloc are very good. The original Lotus decals I got from DeRoure looked like they had been on the shelf at Lotus for years. They were a complete waste of big money, in the grand scheme of things.

Yes the lotus stock did look old and printed on regular Hexis vinyl so nothing special that you have to use OEM to be correct. It was a lot of money for more stickers that i just have sitting in a bag now. mine are the charcoal ones.

I bought the stone protectors for in front of the rear wheels as well from them and they left and right were made out of slightly different vinyls and the texture was different. Derourve was good about it and they are fixing this and sending me new ones. They had said lotus was throwing away there old stock and producing new so that left and right would match. again just printed on hexis material.

Anyone have the vector file to share?

Hiya, I have an EPS version of the Exige logo, try this link: lotus_exige_old_logo.eps - Google Drive

Thank you so much!!! Perfect.

I bought the sticker shown in my first post from Bob on Seloc.

The sticker from Dan have arrived and I’m very happy with them. The LOTUS sticker is perfect. I can highly recommend him.

The Exige lettering seems to be very tricky as every letter is somehow designed different. Below you find a scan of three Exige stickers in the following order: 1. by Lotus (i.e. the genuine one), 2. reproduction by Titanium Dan, 3. reproduction by Bob.
The reproductions are both very close to the original but not perfect (check the letter ‘i’). But much better then the Exige lettering showing above in this thread where the letter ‘G’ differs a lot.

In case anyone gets a bit giddy I have attached two vectors I can find …
exige-vector-logo-259B073E76-seeklogo.com.zip (84.3 KB)
Lotus_Exige-vector-logo-0D050BF9E8-seeklogo.com.zip (3.82 KB)