Decal Position

Does anyone know if there is a drawing that shows in which position the decals “Lotus” and “Exige”
should be placed on the rear of the car and the “Exige” decal on the doors?

I found only this for the Elise S1 on the net, but I think that it wouldn’t work for the Exige S1:

Thank you

I am wondering why nobody could send me the measurements of the correct positioning of the
decals on an Exige S1.

Thank you

I asked a similar question some time ago and you’ll find some measurements in the thread:

Getting the stickers right can be difficult as there are many badly made copies around. I can highly recommend Dan at After exchanging some e-mails about the right LOTUS sticker size and some details of the ‘i’ of the ‘Exige’ litteral he produced some lovely examples.


This could be helpful:

The decal positioning on the door should be 100% correct (checked on two different cars with
the oem decals still in place).

Left door

Right door:

The positioning on the car’s rea should be ok, but it would be better to check it:

Rear left side:

Rear right side:


Thanks a lot, this will be really helpful to me soon :+1:

Just pay attention to find the right decals:
Divine Handcraft has the exact replicas.



All purchased ready to go on after paint :+1:

That is awesome! Thanks guys, just what I need! :pray::pray::pray::pray:

Hi Guys, after looking at the photos above, the rear clam decals in particular look far too low compared to what is on a factory Exige.
Could someone with a factory car re-measure the where they go, using the same points as the photos above please……I’m just about ready to add them on my almost completed conversion (engine cover isn’t fitted yet)
Thank you! :pray::pray::pray:

I found this small picture on an original Exige brochure:

I tried to magnify the pictures as far as possible:

The rear decal seem to be a little bit higher than on my car, furthermore the decal position on the doors looks to be a little bit lower.

The picture’s origin is an original Lotus brochure that shows a car missing the grille at the back of the front clam

Revised decal position on the rear and on the doors.
Any suggestions?
It seems that the decal position on the rear and on the doors of my car was a little bit too high (!) compared to the pictures of the oem brochure.

This on the 001 car……they look to be much higher

……and another genuine car with factory paint and stickers….

Are you sure that the orange car is untouched? Look at the exhaust end piece!?
It would be helpful to have a picture of the entire back of the yellow car.

I found these pictures from the Lotus presentation in 2000 (it seems to be the #1 car:

Side view

Yes the orange car is definitely untouched. It is chassis number 001 and is serviced by Scott Russell Sports Cars.
It seems like Lotus put them in at different heights on different cars which is weird??

Studying the different pictures of the original cars, I think that Lotus didn’t have a standard positioning of the decals on the Exige S1.
What do you think?