Lotus racing (evosal)

Website seems to be down and no cars on pistonheads, has Chris called it a day?


Hi Andy

Unfortunately the website or rather the site hosting company got hacked into and it was down for a while, its back on now but quite a bit of content is still missing but they are working on retrieving that, Im still doing lotus but don’t really advertise so many now.
I always have trade buyers from Europe and Japan waiting for nice low miles s1 elise’s so I rarely get around to putting an advert on pistonheads.

I have also been spending some time setting up a new business sourcing and selling “barn find” classics, totally different from show cond lotus’s but I do find it interesting, I get all sorts of cars from 1920’s up to modern day, lots of mini cooper s (1960’s) ford rs and all sorts of vintage stuff.

Here are a few pics of the type of thing I get

Thanks, Chris

I remember most of those…from when they were launched!!!

Yes but can you name them all still ??

This is a “Heinz” Hornet convertible isn’t it ? Number plate is familiar … very nice find if it is …

Yep it was a genuine Heinz Andy, it had been left in a leaky Barn since 1983, it is being restored by its new owner.

If you get a solid Split screen for complete resto, give me a nod. 13 windows minimum. Could talk Samba if it’s not stupid money!

Nope didn’t get any of that???

Wow that’s really great, will you go back now and put names to pictures :smiley:

Very cool :sunglasses:

No you can guess, Pesky will have been driven to school in this type of car, they are all easy apart from the second one :smiley:

2nd picture, easy - Triumph Spitfire. :laughing: