LoT Croft - 24/5

Booked and paid

Good stuff !

Are you going up the night before Dave?

Any social going on? Guessing crashalot (fatcat ) is going to be staying at Gav’s?

Are you going up the night before Dave?

Any social going on?

Nah, Jane and I will be in bed before 9…

Resurrection time.

We are heading up via Hethal Friday morning so hopefully getting upto the NE mid-late afternoon.

So I’m assuming beer/curry type thing on Friday, hopefully Gav will be along soon who (hopefully) due to his local knowledge will be social secretary for this weekend.

chin chin.

Hi Pete

I can’t confirm if I’ll be up on Friday or Saturday morning yet as I am waiting for an exhaust Thursday. If it arrives late I will be fitting it Friday and unlikely to make it up for Friday night.

I have the same packing issues as you, I am working British GT at Rockingham Sunday and Monday. So learning the joys of packing light!

Is Gav booked on? Would love to grab a pax lap in the 2-Eleven.

He’d better be booked… , I’m sure he has wangled his way in one way or another

Weather looks ‘positive’, sunny and 18 degrees with a ‘light’ easterly breeze (read ‘cold’)…

Hope to come over and see old S1 (if i can still recognise it dave).
up for pax if anyone is offering

Looks like I’ll drive up Friday, but won’t make the night out in Newcastle.

See you in the morning.

Yep, bring your coats boys.

Croft is in a pretty exposed location and even a slight wind will be sending chills down your spine by the end of the day.

Gav I take it you’ll have the van with you? Need somewhere to put stuff during the day.

Possibly, i might just drive down in the car as its only 40 miles.

Security shouldnt be a problem though tbh. I certainly haven’t encountered (or heard of) any such mis-doings on a LOT day in the last couple of years I have been doing td’s with them (not like olde John Roberts who used to get everything nicked all the time).

Dave will definately have his passion wagon with him for any valuables and the garages will be availble aswell just to dump stuff.


Have a great day, guys

Forecast for tomorrow is dry (thankyou God) clear and 12 degrees, but with 25mph easterly winds = bloody freezing cold.

Wrap up warm.

Setting off from here about 10am.

Am really looking forward to 5+ hours in the Exige going up the A1

See you tomorrow Pete, 0500 start for me Sat morning

See you all there-hopefully will be my first completely dry Croft.Ive loved the circuit on my few dry laps and I also love Cadwell and Oulton.

Ill be there, just popping down for a look around. Never been to a LoT day before.

I would have booked my car in but need to watch the pennies for diving it to Germany in 3 weeks.

Havent been in an Exige (or any Loti) on-track yet…can I be cheeky and ask if anyone would be so kind to give me a quick pax??


So we have

DaveP - Dark Silver S1 with LOTRC stickers
TarmacTerrorist - 2-Eleven in black, orange and grey
FatCat Troublemaker - dayglo raver green
Damon - tasteful white with a couple of stickers


I believe the weather was kind - did you enjoy yourselves (daft question really!)?