LMCorse dash - know anything about it?

Does anyone have any experience of the LMCorse dash? Price looks inviting …

  • Capacitive 7″ touch display

  • Integrated Audio

  • WiFi

  • Bluetooth



  • GPS*

  • Gear Indicator

  • Suitable in Original Cluster

  • Original Socket 24 pin

  • External Temperature Sensor*

  • Deactivable warning lights

  • Clock

  • Lap Time

  • Delta Time live

  • Accelerometer*

LM Dash LTE is a fully Plug&Play digital device designed for Opel Speedster, Vx220, Lotus Elise and Exige cars from MY00 to MY22 with Toyota or Rover engine. Actually only the Lotus Elise with 1.6 Toyota engine is not supported.

With an extreme easy installation without extra wire or connectors: just remove your old analogic dash and install LMDash without any mod.

LM DASH is not a simple digital dashboard, but an integrated vehicle management system. It is different from any other similar product due to its speed of execution: the dual core processor directly runs programs without going through any third-party operating system, making everything faster and more reliable. Latest generation graphic interface makes your driving experience more engaging.


Looks great! Very much like the AIM MX2e though, but obviously cheaper?

One bonus it has, is that the shift lights and indicators might actually be visible, rather than hidden behind the steering wheel’s rim :laughing:

Thats my only comparison.

The Yorkshire bit of me things great. Cheapness.
The Cynical Yorkshire bit in me thinks Wait a minute, its cheaper …

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I know Dave and John had hold of one of these to play with a while ago.

From what I saw/remember it was a very impressive package for the money, but was aimed more at the market of being an OEM cluster replacement that doesn’t add much in terms of functionality, but is a modern looking digital option to give you OE features with a few more bits.

I think the GPS stuff was a future feature back then, so obvious if that’s now available (probably through an addon) then that changes things a bit.

I was impressed FWIW

The fact it connects to the CAN bus must open up something for me such as IAT or anything else my ECU can throw out , right?

Yep indeed. The canbus on earlier cars is unfortunately, limited - but IAT is in there.

It all depends how ‘open’ LM Corse are with allowing you to configure it. As you’re on a standalone ECU you could in theory throw all sorts of data into the Canbus - and if the dash gives you options to configure the receiving end, then that could be very useful.

However, the way they’ve positioned it as a PnP offering usually means that a lot of the CAN config is hidden away from us idiot users, for good reason(!). Hopefully I’m wrong, I’m defo intrigued by them. I feel they fill the gap left in the market by GARW, except hopefully with a robust support/aftersales that doesn’t just vanish when they get bored.

Ill send an email to see what I can discover.

Its an enticing proposition to be honest!

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We have a couple here we have been playing with on and off and getting some upgrades/debugs sorted for a year or so, and hopefully it now is pretty much there.
You can set up the CAN between black dash 4 and 6 cylinder cars, but the white dash cars have a different board and pin out due to the connectors on the rear.
There is no function to add additional user CAN signals at the dash end.


Another idea thats down the pan.

Thanks @JDS anyway!

If your ECU has the later black dash protocol inside that can be turned on, you could make an adaptor loom between your dash plug and later black dash version and set it to 2ZZ engine.
You should in theory get everything to the dash that the Lotus ECU sends, but can’t remember if the dash shows it - I’m guessing inlet temps are the main thing you looking for?

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I swear you read my mind.

IAT / knock correction / lambda that kind of thing.

I’ll poke SCS and see what they say about enabling the options

Looking at the LMdash website, there’s no additional engine parameters displayed. Looks like over the standard 4 line LCD display, you get battery voltage, outside temp, calculated gear position, clock time and lap time, depending on the screen you are on.

None of the stuff I really want then :frowning:

Is it likely to be on option for Exige S1 with a Honda John?

Alternatively I have my AIM MX2e gathering dust which would be great to be able use in the S1.

Or sell to another exiges.com member who spends hours of his time maintaining the site FOC for all users.

Or just let it collect dust …

I don’t mind …

From the conversations I had recently, S1 with Honda should work, but from memory there a couple of different Hondata’s, some with the pre CAN output that sends all the ECU info, and some that don’t. So not sure what they are supporting as yet.
Sadly, I suspect that the chances of getting an MX2e to work with an S1 is almost zero, as it relies on the Lotus CAN output to receive everything engine based - in the format it’s expecting, ie Toyota based. Including fuel level, which the S1 in any form goes no where near an ECU. Getting an AIM dash to read the Lotus fuel level in an S1 is ‘challenging’ at the best of times.

You looking for an Aim Andy?

Thanks John sounds like the LM dash could be what I need as miss the clarity of the AIM,

I’m not sure an MX2e would help you Andy. It’s still a preconfigured display, that is locked down - probably by C&U rules - so nothing you can add, except external sensors.
What you need is an MXS and an external CAN switch module - so you’re not using all the analogue inputs for warning lights - and a CAN expander or 2. And some sensors. And SCS to play ball. And AIM to play nicely with a full SCS CAN output.
It’s a bit more work to physically fit, a lot more work to wire in, but you should be able to go nuts with your display options. Plus add various sensors so you can look at all sorts of stuff - pressures, temps, etc.

I’ll ask the question of LM.
Do you happen to know the level of Honda/Hondata ECU that you have?

Thanks John.

The conversion was done by Martin & Steve Edwards (lotuspower) in about 2007, but I haven’t been able to get in touch with them for any further details.