Decided to lavish a bit of attention on the aesthetics of the car as its looking a bit tatty and I’m tired of the viper stripes.

I’m sure lots of people will say put it back to black but where’s the fun in that? I like the auotbytel schemes of Pesky/ChrisB etc but wanted to stay with black and white. I was a bit bored of the xmas telly tonight so came up with this. I’m thinking I’ll get it done as a half wrap and if I hate it,…well its easily removed.

Waddya think???

Oh and it currently looks like this…well apart from not as shiny as that.

Yep go for it, thought about similar myself Ben but have changed my mind for the umpteenth time.

Go ‘Zebra stripes’
Wind up the wannabe motor journalist snappers :slight_smile:

Benja just reverse the black n white in the first image?

Thanks guys.

Yeah Tim I started like that but thought it was a bit too like Jamie’s car (no bad thing).

I’ll post it up that version later…

Green wheels won’t work though … Maybe in white ?

PMSL :smiley:

Benja - include front splitter in white (or red), & roof scoop section in black (or red!).


Ha bloody ha :angry: the wheels were left blank on purpose.

Of course what I really need is some nice blingy Speedlines :wink:

[quote=Mr Pesky]Benja - include front splitter in white (or red), & roof scoop section in black (or red!).

:smiley: [/quote]

Hmm that could work, I’ll post that up too later…

Looks good matey. I agree a splash of red or something would look good.

And in all seriousness I like the green wheels!!

Looks smart, what about if the white was done in gold then decaled up with racing numbers and sponsors?

I say go harlequin style…

Haha I think I’ll leave that to ChrisB.

OK so taking on board the comments…how about one of these two…

They are black and white reversed and with red on wing endplates and mirrors.

Second one …
The first will look like a bvr !

Ben quite like the second piccy, black body with white quarters and roof, how about with the scoup black too?

Prefer the first one. Can you make the masked bit of the rear screen more black, as it may look a bit odd with that in all the white bodywork

I say go pink mate wheels, roof, chest… Do it lol.

First one was fine to me, don’t get sucked in…