LF1 on order

I had a great time today with my eldest son, collected the car from Lotus Newcastle. Elliott took the pics while I was busy chatting with Iain, Kevin and Paul.
I must admit that I am tired out tonight and didn’t sleep last night due to excitment :smiley:
All I can say is that the car is fantastic and enjoy the pics, even though you have seen plenty of LF1 pics before.

Pete that is stunning. :clap:

:smiley: Wow :thumbup: that’s fecking MEGA Pete!

Absolutely epic :sunglasses:

I bet you’ll be out at first light…I would be!

LF1 in Motorsport black is stunning mate :clap:

Sun is shinning Pete. Only another 800 miles to get to first service

How could driving that not be special? Well done Pierre - I know that you’ll enjoy every minute, & I look forward to the next meet up :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


COOL car, looks amazing! :sunglasses:

I had a drive of a boggy basic S3 Exige last month… you are a very lucky man mate!

Enjoy! :wink: LOTS!

Pete, it may be worth investing in some rim wax to keep yer mota looking fab



Yeah I saw that Tim, Steve told me he had used Rim Wax on Shrek and that it was really good at keeping sh@te from sticking to his rims :laughing:

Thanks chaps for all the nice replies, looking forward to you seeing the car in the not to distant future.
Time for a meet up again :thumbup:

The car looks stunning, enjoy it

WOW, stunning!!!

Looks great! :clap:
I particularly like the seats for some reason! :thumbup:

See you old car is up for £40k :astonished:

Lovely, really nice. Look forward to seeing it at some point down the line.

You certainly have good taste bud.

One of the nicest well judged S2 I’ve seen followed up by a stunning S3 :sunglasses:

It looks absolutely super, Pete. Having spent the last week trying to keep up with an LF1, I know how quick and good looking they are. More of that later. Great choice, pal.
Look forward to seeing in the flesh as soon as possible.
BTW: what race does yours commemorate, I’ve forgotten and I’m too tired to search!

…looking forwards to a full debrief!

Yeah, would be good to know the number … keeping a registry of the LF1s on another forum.

David - LF1 Number 1

Pete’s is No 18

Another forum? Come on lads you and all the LF1 and wider S3 owners should gravitate over here as I kinda feel like S3 owners are somewhat under-represented.

Exiges.com has served the S1 and S2 community well, lets get more S3 owners registered, posting and attending events.