[ Legacy build ] W204 C63

I sold my Megane in December. I bought a C63 in May. Its taken this long as I had to exhaust all opportunities to purchase a SWB Quattro.

I wanted a white c63 , pre facelift , late 2010 spec ( with the SLS internals engine ) , LSD and Performance Pack Plus. The performance pack plus gives me 487BHP from factory , a useful increase from the 451 for a non PP+ car. Torque is 442ibft from factory. Apparently that rate is conservative …

the PP+ also benefits from a carbon rear lip spoiler.

I bought a red car after a long search , I really liked the red when I saw it having never considering it in the past !

The car I bought has the following spec
Carbon Lip
Electric just about everything
Sunroof (glass one!)
33k miles.
Exhaust tweaks.

I can confirm it goes well , stops well and is fantastic on petrol*.

My wife drove us to Southampton to get the car, I drove it 220 miles back at 70-80mph on the motorway. It returned 25.9mpg. I thought that was pretty freaking incredible really. The meg would have only done around 30mpg on the same run.

I also have taken my son to school. 23 mpg there. 11mpg back.

I am really impressed with some parts of the car more than others ( not that any are bad ! )
The gearbox is fantastic in comfort. Its sooooo smooth , but yet you can mash the throttle and it will shuffle the gears and shove you down the road
Sport changes gear faster than manual and the engine really barks with this.
Manual is fantastic with the flappy paddle box , it auto blip downshifts and bangs like a porn star when lifting or dropping a cog.

I worried that there was something wrong with the car when I was accelerating as I kept on seeing an orange light on the dash. I was new to the car so tried to keep my eyes on the road to prevent a megane incident ( the meg new owner unfortunately wrote off the car withing 5hours of owning ) , however I have since established its the traction control light [image]

It doesnt feel like a big heavy car , the stoppers are fantastic. They ought to be , they are 390mm.

I havent mentioned the sound. OMG the sound. It auto blips on start and sounds like the devil is trying to get out of the exhaust. Its quiet when in sport unless you smash the throttle , and its awesome on throttle , absolutely devine. Its addictive. Very addictive.

Its taxed ,tested and ready for a run.

I will either lose my license , or wrap this car round a tree. When I do , Ill be doing it with a smile !

I havent got many pics so far , so bear with me.

*The last part of that statement is not true

Front pimp tint removed.
Plates will be sorted this weekend.
Needs a good wash and detail


Filmed with a potato it seems.

Cleaned and washed it …


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Well , I can summarise that a 1700kg car is not as nimble as a 1300kg R26. Hardly suprising.

What I didnt quite work out is how much fun the c63 is compared to the meg on a tight twisty circuit. The meg is focused , incisive and a pure speed merchant. I guess I developed it that way.

the c63 is far more relaxed but can hoon when it wants how it wants.

I suppose its a bit like older age. When you are young out all the time kicking the arse out of the beer , when you get a bit older you do it when you can be arsed …

Loved it on track. Disc inspection for thickness coming up and needs a MOT as well.

Car went for MOT Today , passed with zero advisories. Noticed tho slight gearbox fluid weep.

Decided to nip up the bolts.


Bugger! Only put the socket head over it. Sheered!

Cue toys out of pram , swearing , then Facebook.

The very good man @ChrisGTT mentioned he had one this week that was finger tight.

I tried my luck and

Off to MB tomorrow to pick up a new one !

£20 later for 1l of PAS fluid and £1.35 (!) for the screw and it’s back in rude health. It needed a fair bit of pas fluid. I think mostly as we liberated a fair bit on track. Research tells me the C63 boils its pas fluid on track ( no idea why ) and it makes a bid for freedom out of the cap. US owners place a cloth under the lid when on circuit (!)

I guess that’s my " gearbox leak " sorted. I did note a lack of stink on the fluid

July 2016 now …

new stoppers!

Size 11 boots here

Just back from getting my hair chopped in town ( what hair etc etc )

Windows down , manual box. Down the center of a route lined with tall buildings.


A benz comes flying up behind me lights flashing.

Bricked it and put it into comfort.

Dual carriagway now leading to a roundabout. Windows come down on the other Merc.

That sounds kin ace mister are his words and a massive grin.

I gave it death on the roundabout. Then got caught at a set of lights. Merc man pulls up again , grinning. Now a corsa pulls up revs his engine.
I had to oblige …

More car cleaning. Starting to get into the detailing part .

Ok so the very generous and helpful chap @Chris Smith helped me out by sending me his DAS6 Pro.

I had watched approximatly 30hours of how to videos on youtube on these and everyone was saying from n00b to pro you wont go wrong.

Armed with a sense of fuckitall I set off to get some results.

I wasnt dissapointed. The only thing it takes is time.

een using the car for commuting this week

(+) side
The noise
Very comfortable
Good sound system
Great engine
Box is lovely and smooth ( requote at will )
Can be a lunatic
Can be refined
Every set of lights is a TLGP

(-) side
Its got a drink problem
Likes to have the loud pedal pressed and pinned.
Get chilly in the car as windows always down
Other cars are going to slowly
Every set of lights is a TLGP

Been out and cleaned it up after all that nasty grime on the car …

I want some OZ Super’ for the 63.
I dont have the funds for them. They are astronomically priced in 19s


ichelen PSS in sub twin digit temperatures are lethal.

10mph round a gentle bend and the arse end started stepping out.

FML , was not ready for that. Wound on some opposite lock , uttered a obscenity and steered it round the bend.

Pulled out of a junction on the return leg and sat there traction light flashing engine power cut. It crawled out of the junction. Could have been very dangerous !

New front discs and pads fitted. I think I got my monies worth out of the old ones !

Had a “b2” service done last week. Its classed as a major.

Oil , oil filter , air filters , brake fluid , air con smelling thing , pollen filters changed. £520 later …

Its starting to get the dreaded fire opal red lacquer bubble. It manifests itself as small bubbles under the lacquer. Its a known “fault” and occurs on most of the red mercs , amg flavour or not. The boot is really bad , and the roof just started with the odd bubble.

I have a warranty claim in with MB at the mo.

The front tyres - some vredestein I dunnos were on the front. I have bought some new fronts and went for continental contact sport 5p. These are OEM Merc tyres. I have noticed the ride is slightly more supply , however turn in is better.

Rears are still ok !