Larini exhaust...latest news!

Ok chaps, spoke to Larini today for an update. Sound from the exhaust is stunning apparently. They’re going to try a smaller
box to make fitting easier, it’ll be louder but if its not too bad then that’ll be the finished design. If its too loud then the original size will be the winner. I’ve to phone at end of next week to find out which one they’re going with and an estimated delivery date. They did say approx 2-3 weeks
but thats not definate.

hey Rooney matey

why you don’t come to KH with us to play over the past two weeks or so ??..

Do you mean the next two weeks?

no but i there is stuff on for the next few weeks as well… but i meant that we have been up every week for the past 3 weeks and haven’t seen you…

Seem to be working most weekends these days, really enjoyed my novice trackday and meeting Dave & Uldis etc. Plus I wont be taking the car on track till I get this exhaust. Wont make it this weekend either due to a stag weekend in Aberdeen, is Uldis coming to KH this weekend?

There’s nothing that I know of happening on KH this weekend, or… is there?
AFAIK, the next trackday is Hot Marques at KH on Tue 6th July.
Won’t be going, as will be on Billingham for 3 days.

Then there’s the west coast trip with the S_E on 16/17 July, I will be going!

Next time I’m going to KH could be Sat 24th July, with SIDC.

You should really check the S_E bb, all the things that are happening!

Will do…I’m taking the beast up to Aberdeen on Friday. Wont be sober enough to drive again till Monday I suspect.


They have all been mid-week eve-aramas… you should subscribe to Scottish Elises… it only took me about 2 years to actually do that mind-you…

actually… (he remembers)… i never did actaully subscribe… it was the mexijock

So, are you going to subscribe Rooney?
Or I have to do like with Rox, subscribe him myself?

I think I already have…just haven’t checked out the site for a while.

Just set it up so you receive the mails automatically, no checking of the site needed anymore…

More news on the Larini exhaust lads, after the Le Mans test they decided to try the smaller box and were going to call it the ClubSport. I called yesterday to find out how it was but apparently it was just too loud for trackdays. Would probably be useable on the roads though. Anyway the Sport version (measured at 94db) is now going into production. Est time is 3 weeks. A nice bhp gain plus midrange & torque improvements were reported.
Looking forward to getting it now…I’ve gone deaf!

Any idea what the state of tune was on the motor ?

Us with ported heads and greater exhaust overlap will most likly produce a lot more dB than what they quoted

Not sure, I’ll try find out who’s exige they used for the tests.

BUGGER! Just missed my slot to have the (possibly first Exige) Larini fitted. I thought it was next week (when they’re shut).


Are they closed all next week? I was told I’d get mine last weekend or early in the week! Tried to phone yesterday but couldn’t get an answer. Getting close to losing patience now!

Moto-build have mine already.


Lucky B! I didn’t think any of them were ready, I bet yours is cheaper than mine as well.

I think I’ll give Moto-build a call and get some money off!