K20 JRSC S1 Exige

Thought I start a build thread on my S1

Had car almost a month now brought from Clive aka Mr Bean

On the drive home I couldn’t stop smiling

I removed quite a few stickers and gave it the once over and a clean

The heater and blower didn’t seems to work had a fiddle around tried a few things but still no joy so brought a T7 design heater for it

Was an easy install

When I was doing the install I couldn’t believe how heavy the battery was so replaced it with a JWM race battery

Now with the heater and it blowers all working and some weight save from the front thought do some cosmetics

I also had a friend make me some jacking point stickers

Then it was time to move to the inside to change a few things

That’s pretty much where i am at the moment just waiting on a few parts.

When I brought the car it came with a spare K20 in the new year I’m gonna strip it down and rebuild it still deciding which way to go a big reving n/a or go turbo

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Both options are covered on Exiges if you need inspiration :+1::muscle:

Great work, thanks for the update. Keep it coming👍

I can’t help but feel a well sorted supercharged k20 is better suited to the Exige.

Thanks for the update :+1:

Wow nice. I also own a Mr Bean car :smile:

Btw I also had that “supercharger” aluminium cover panel. Just wanted to say that mine eventually broke at one of the attachment points. I removed it long time ago and never went back. Not sure its actually doing anything or just decoration.

Great car you have there wishing I had bought it now.
My 4th S1 Exige will have to be a Honda one.

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Great update. For interest how did you secure the much smaller battery?

Thanks James

I’ve made a temp metal bracket for it to mount to where the old battery mount was, just waiting on some carbon sheet to come so I make it out of that

Thank you - share some pics when done if ok :+1:t2: would like to do same :sunglasses:

Finally got round to making the battery mount out of carbon

Thought I would start 2023 with a little blast out with the boy in passager seat


Superb! It looks fantastic!

Great stuff! It is an amazing looking car👍

I sold some of my Caterham bits today to a guy who had the VHPD engine from that car, got it from Pesky, small world!

Spotted at Bicester Heritage today at the Sunday Scramble. I did look for the owner to say hello. It looked great and really stood out against a wall of bland coloured Ferraris and Mclarens :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Cool picture, sorry I missed you, was a busy day considering the weather

The drive home was entertaining in the wet on ZZR

Could be worse… the chap who attended with the 340R getting home…

He wasnt broken down just hiding under motorway bridge because of rain

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All that spray I think I’d have done the same…standing water central…

Is anyone on here in contact with pesky

If so please DM me

I own a Mr Bean car also! :rofl:

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Any idea where the front lip came from? I have been looking for one for quite a while now. Thanks, Ron.