It's good to be back

After selling my yellow MRK1 Exige in July I was determind to keep my Elise 135R for a year before buying a MRK2 Exige…Only had the 135R for 3 months and am taking delivery next week of a new MRK2 Exige Touring in Storm Titanium…I CANT WAIT…IM SOOOO EXCITED…had a test drive a knew I had to have one and with MY06 on its way I got an amazing deal. It’s good to be back

Nice one
Will the wife want to go out in this one though?.

Not until after Jan 28th…shes pregnant and can’t get in

Good colour!

Good luck with the baby!


Cheers Ian…Usually go for the brighter colours, so a bit of a departure for me. But I agree after seeing the car in sunlight and dark ligh the colour is stunning.

My last Exige was just too loud for the wife so we never went out in it, so I refrained from adding a stage2 and went for stage1 instead which I had thrown in with the deal

go for an induction system… together with level 1, its fine below the magic 6250… when the second cam comes in… the volume gets turned up…

Thats the plan…going to run it in then get one at first service.

Thats the plan…going to run it in then get one at first service.

Took my insurance into the dealer today…decided I wanted the front ofthe car protected with armourfend or something. Armourfend wanted around �400…Lotus make a front end kit for �99. OK Armourfend covers more of the car but still, �400.

Good job mate, you know it makes sense.

Where are you getting it from?

Make sure you track this one more than you did the old one. I did Donnington with Lotus on Track on Friday which was fantastic. Booked in for Mallory on November 6th as well

Hi Dave…getting the car from Williams…You knew it wouldn’t be long before I joined you. With the MY06 coming out I was going to wait until I saw the spec, but I loved the colour and the deal was fantastic so it was a no brainer really. Will not be doing any track days this side of Christmas as it will take me a couple of months to run the car in, but definitly looking forward to next year.
How did you like donnington? I loved it when I went with Stratestone.

Donnington is fantastic. Second time I have done it in a couple of months.

Did it first on an unsillenced day with Bookatrack so I still had the Stage 2 on (back to the standard one now )
Open pit lane day with a lot of very fast stuff but had a great day.

The LOT day was great as well and nice to have some more evenly matched cars.

(back to the standard one now )

Why thats Dave?

No way the Stage 2 would pass the brive by regs at Donnington.

Another guy in an S2 Exige had a sports exhaust that was way quieter than my Stage 2 and got black flagged on his first session. They fixed the problem by stuffing a Coke can up one of the tail pipes

To be fair on track with the ITG the car still sounds fantastic inside but doesnt give me any problems with noise restrictions.

Will have to go out in yours with the Stage 1 to see what its like.

Some pics on this thread on SELOC

No problem Dave…Going to try and get it run in for the Ferrari run on 20th November, but with the miles I do that may be a tall order. Will you be there Dave…Sh*t, thats my wedding anniversary. Ah well some things are more important I suppose…see you there

Yes I will be there mate.

Dont worry if the car isnt run in by then. You will still be able to keep up ok.

Forgot to ask did you part ex the 135R or sell it separately?

Part ex the 135R. Got a good price though. The dealers must be trying to clear the decks for the MY06 cars.

Donnington is getting really strict now. The last track day I did there, they did the ducks and drakes session first and I was right behind the pace car and i got black flagged for noise on the bloody warm up lap!!! I couldn’t believe it. lol.

Did they BF you for noise, or something else?

What are you implying matey!!! LOL

Yeah it was noise. In fairnes I had let the pace car get a few lengths ahead so I could whizz through the last chicane onto the start finish straight, but even so, I was only at mid revs in 2nd or 3rd or something. They said they had never had to black flag someone on the warm up laps before.