It's alive !!!

Just started the engine.
Sounds fabulous!
Need to fix a few brackets now, tighten a few rattling bolts change the temp sensors for the old ones (the new ones give me 20 deg apart) and off I am to install the bodywork.

good to hear, Uldis…

Good news Uldis

Congratulations, please keep posting on progress, with running in and driving impressions.


Well done!


Fantastic! I’m really interested to hear more about your progress. Keep us up to date

Well, didn’t finish this weekend.
Lost most of it sorting out the temps, a leaking exhaust manifold, some shite floating in the coolant , doing a beautiful bracket for the fuel filter/oil ctach tank combo, which I installed and then figured the catch tank was too close to the air hose! wouldn’t let it pass .
Redesigned the bracket and constructed another one, 4" furter, this time all fits ok.

Found a leak in one of the oil pipes, exactly on the metallic part, it’s like a swiveling point. These oil fittings look pressend on from factory, and I’m wary of their quality, as when I had the front clam off I saw also that one there was seeping, had oil mist around it.
Will look today for new/better fittings and will have to change these. Beware, check if your hoses fittings are wet. Nothing worse than knackering your engine because of an oiul leak.

Also washed the inside of the rear clam in anticipation to the clam mods (remember, I’m going to get rid of the reflectors in the rear and install a fog and reverse lights in their places and remove those ugly and hidden rectangular jobbies we have). My rear vents (that have been opened for a while) are also going to be less deep, as I’m going to cut some of the depth (which is where the rectangular lights are held on to).

Should be able to do the fiberglass mod today and finish fitting the clam tomorrow.

Glad to hear there is life under the engine cover at last .

Be sure to post up some pictures when all is finished. I’m interested to see how the rear light setup comes together, sounds like a really good idea.

Good to hear it’s going Uldis.

Those oil pipe end fittings are shite, they leaked on Mike’s car.


Yep, and mine !!

And what did you guys change them with? Aeroquip? other?
Inclined for the Aeroquip alloy ones at the moment.

nah, just slapped some stuff on them and tightened them up really tight

Couldn’t be ar*ed to sort it out when i noticed it was damp, this time round I will get it done

Mine seems to be leaking from the swivel, which is in the middle of the steel part, not the threaded part.
Still, I will have to undo at least one to measure the thread (to order one) and then I will tighten it harder.

i have not actually looked at mine too close, its probably the same thing as its still damp

Let me know what you do to fix the problem

Excellente Uldis… long time but you know its right…

what were the temp sensor issues ?? why did you have new ones in the first place ??

What did you fix Mike oil pipes with ??

One leaking fitting was replaced with a new line made up by a local hydraulic shop. The other was OK but a tiny weep developed after Mike had used the car for a week or two. I think it somehow healed itself or is so small as to be not worth the hassle of taking the whole line out which is the only option.


Why is it the only option? can’t you just change the fitting? (my current plan)

OK, last pics here.
Look for the new ones at the bottom of the page, especially the bracket building saga.
The clam is on now, but havbe yet to fit: engine cover, wheel liners, undertrays, speaker panel (and wiring as it is plainly wrong, bodge job by the guy who installed the speakers (you can’t trust anything to any specialist, can you? ), seats and light covers.

I will do the shiftlight and removable steering wheel at a later stage.

Hopefully tonight I can take it out for a spin (not literally )

Great stuff! Shame you’ll have to run it in. Just go and drive it all night so you can give it some stick tomorrow

If it’s the hose to adapter part that’s leaking then youhave a problem. The fittings are required to be crimped on by a bloody great machine that wouldn’t fit in the engine bay area. You could change the end fitting to something else, but I wouldn’t really fancy a hoseclip type of joint on an oil line. If it’s just the nut onto the O ring end then that’s easily fixed.