How old are you Exige Owners?

Hi all, im new, dont have a exige yet but am starting to save,

just want to know how whats the youngest owner on here, im 20, 21 this year. ive gone from a saxo vtr,(they are [censored] yes)at 17, im no billy boy, then bought a rare Jap import, Glanza V turbo, it cost a bitch to insure,

i have now cut my losses and am running a daily car, lovely diahatsu charade, uummmm nice, just to get some ncb.

when im 22 with 2ncb im hoping to buy one, i have been qouted �1,227 fully comp.

i thought no-one would insure me at that as its insurance group 20, was thinking id have to wait until 25, but obviously not, for a scooby for comparison it would cost me 1,700 wtf, the exige is faster and a sports car,

ive heard there not very reliable though, maintenece is high, every 6000 mile service.

so how old are u lot, and is 1,227 fully comp for a 22 year old good.

thanks simon

I know mr Pesky is a hundred and ten

who is mr pesky?

Our granddad.

I’m an old fart at 43…

Although they are mostly old farts on here there are a few of us younger ones

I was 26 when I bought my Exige (28 now) and it was about �900 fully comp

It was less than my Elise!!! That was about �1200! But I was 23 at the time.

There are a few other young guys with Exiges on here as well who will probably be along in a minute to give you an idea

Pesky’s my Great, Great Grandad

I’m young (ish), free(ish) and just back from Amsterdam…

Anyway, 25 now, soon to be 26, eep! Got it when I was 24 I think… Yeah I was… So all good

I’m 35. I still think of myself as a youngster, but maybe others feel otherwise…

Your insurance price seems pretty good to me. I don’t pay much less myself, but then there are certain circumstances which ahem I’d probably rather not discuss

Im 26 now but i was 25 when i bought it

hi, im 25 and just bought my s1 exige. your insurance quote seems very good to me for your age as im paying roughly the same price, although my licence isnt exactly clean!

i reckon im the youngest at 22!! Wahey!!!
Oh ps, can i interest anyone in a sealine for the summer?
ill do you a good deal

I’m 23, but was 22 when i got my S2 last year.

Insurence is on the company fleet policy so is only �600 a year.


23 as well, �1400 with tesco.

Hells teeth when I was 22 I thought it was only for pi**ing through never mind owning an Exige - well done men keep it up! …I obviously cant now as i’m a doddering 36

im only hoping for a S1, i prefer the look, and must say it will be orange, lovely colour not for the faint hearted.

thanks for the feedback, i suppose this confirms u can be 22 and have a exige, so when i come round to getting one in a year and a half i wonder what the price will be, lol


im in the process of restoring a nice 2001 Chrome orange S1 exige 190. Just had engine rebuilt and will be resprayed after summer. Give me a shout when your feeling flush and maybe we can sort a deal

Koopa what is a sealine? A sealion? No, no idea.

I’m a old farty 34, but I was 25 when i bought my monster caterham (group 20) and I got insured for �135 but that was for 1500 miles.

All rather interesting. I don’t believe there were many sub-30 owners in the early days of I was one of the youngest back then.


thats our beauty on the intro page


I remember when TM was the gaffer of Sealine

oof! that was a while ago! You ever get to meet old wainwright? he was some character