House renovation thread

I am having a few “fun and games” with the underfloor heating.

I cant seem to get one segment , which is actually two seperate loops warm. Snag is I dont know if I have ever felt them warm.

I have swapped out the manifold flow guages as I spotted one was flapping.

All back together again and rebled

It made no difference what so ever. The edge of the room gets warm then nothing. Cold AF.

Have you turned it to max for 30 mins then back to 50? :laughing:

Love underfloor heating when it works…

It works well. In all the zones but the lounge where it steadfastly refuses to heat despite me flushing the area out!

Angry Rob Lowe GIF by britbox

And tonight that zone has decided to work.

I have done nothing at all to stimulate it into working.

Strange, but its a result.

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Maybe a faulty wall thermostat in that room Andy.

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I thought that too.

I have swapped them over and I can see the actuators moving on demand.


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Tonight it’s back to not warming up.

Sulked and put the log burner on.

We have had a fault in another shower. I didnt have it as a priority fix as the other showers worked in the house. However wife Bond motivated me a little and I remarked I didnt need reminding every 6mo that it was broken.

I took this one apart and the thermostatic value is massive compared to most others.

I also noted it was £89 + postage for a new one.

After some internet sleuthing I got a whole new exposed thermostatic mixer part for £112 delivered so voila. Swapped over in 20minutes and warm water had resumed from this shower!

In another episode of “Andy does DIY” Ill be taking down some plaster from a roof and wondering how hard can plastering be?


Plastering is an odd thing, Its not difficult, but to get a nice, flat, smooth finish is the challenge.

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Ill find out this weekend.

I have a lot of plaster and even more sanding pads :slight_smile:

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Electrical, plumbing, joinery and building i can do, plastering i leave to the pro’s.
4 weeks ago we had a flood upstairs,
Monday the insurance company contractor is coming round to see how much is needed to replaster 3 ceilings and two rooms. I wouldn’t want to attempt to do all of that.

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I did some rough patching. Then some sanding, building it up as I go along

I mostly used my face it appears to do the plastering

However, got there in the end!

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Jasper the ghost :ghost: :joy:

How did you find it in the end?

Not too bad tbh. Almost therapeutic!

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Really happy with how the office has turned out.

No pics but cleaned up and PVA/water sealed the plaster.

In other news I have found out why the UFH in the lounge wasn’t working.

Someone has been fiddling prior to us moving in and swapped the pair of actuators that control the lounge with the pair that control the stair area.

Spotted it as wife Bond was helping me do my rehab exercises and commented the lounge floor was warm. Cue me checking the thermostat and it’s off. Hunt around the house and sure enough it was the stairs area thermostat on.

Swapped them over and warm feet!


In today’s episode of something broke …

Today I changed a heating system power head.

Just before I went on holiday I noted a rapid clicking sound from one of the Honeywell power heads.

The IT man in me turned off the power and back on again. Voila , fixed.

Or so I thought. Yesterday I noted it was Baltic upstairs. The thermostats were below their fall back temps and asking for heat. The boiler was happy to obliged but the manifold wasn’t seeing the temperature.

The power head was again clicking.

Off to Screwfix today , bing, bash , bosh , circuit tripped, adjusted , fixed!

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I appear to have gotten old.

We have now turned to the outside of the property.

Items such as hanging baskets , pots and under window planters are standard weekend affair now. The memories of being out till 0400 and still steaming the next day are long gone.

We are planning on doing the main garden up soon but for now…