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This is my thread as I go along documenting the renovation and ongoing tribulations of a house that I bought.

Wife Bond and my two kids ( 19/15 ) were happy in our new build, suburban house with great views over the rear gardens of fields. Nothing but fields

The local village had 2 pubs, a duck pond and we were pretty happy. Sure the garage was a little small for my lotus and me to work on it but generally we were happy.

As you can see the lotus was often brought out of the garage and cleaned to within an inch of its life as I had nothing to do but clean the car and cut the grass on Sundays. This weekend as you can see by the picture I spiced things up. I cleaned the car then did the lawn. Exciting times.

The garage was fun getting around with the exige in it

Snug AF as you can see.

Wife Bond is a serial peeker. No, not in that way but a serial I wonder if and I wonder whats out there kind of girl. Its no bad thing and keeps me on my toes.

We have also been together for a long time. We know each other well and set targets and goals together. We know generally what each other wants. Its easy for Wife Bond - she knows I want faster, lighter, stronger and more expensive car parts. Always , every time. Without fail.

Aside from the car parts we had a checklist for the “next house”

The house must have

Double garage
Converted barn
More rural than current house
Not a brand new conversion
Be affordable.

I thought any 5 of the 6 above were doable, I didnt think we would get all 6 so I was content as I sat there on a Thursday evening just before Easter 22 when Wife Bond did one of those voices which means she has seen something and wants to know more …

Cue next day going to an open viewing of a house, a bidding war,moving out of our house and living with my parents for 3 months due to months of legal wranglings to do with land registry and on 30 NOV 22 the house was ours.

The boxes were ticked.

I hope to document whats wrong, whats not and how I fixed it or paid someone to fix it.


Gorgeous looking place, look forward to updates

That looks awesome :clap:t2:

Lovely looking house! :+1:

Lovely spot!

Ow Andy this is me and Mrs Lee right now only about 1 year behind :thinking:

I’m on the verge of completing on my next home, all hangs on my surveyors findings on Thursday :grimacing:

Look forward to the thread Andy

A few more pictures and a overview of the barn.

The barn is quite unique as in it doesn’t really have a front, or back door. Its in a reverse L shape.

There is a “back” door that goes into the utility ( not pictured ) you can see the patio doors that lead into the open plan dining area / staircase / lounge and to the right is an outside office. With underfloor heating.

Wife Bond and I have had discussions on who should reside in the outside office and I relented primarily as I can lock her in if she is being troublesome without initial repercussions. This wasnt the suggested viewpoint I offered Wife Bond but its the real reason.

The garden is not huge but that suits us and sadly a little unkempt. Having said that it gives us the opportunity to put our stamp on things

The Barn was built as a animal shelter and grain store sometime in the late 1700s and converted to a domestic premise around 11 years ago. Its been through 2 owners since then.

We are fortunate enough to have
Double garage
Over the garage is my sons room. He is 19 so a good space for him and away from us
Downstairs bathroom next to the garage including shower
5 further bedrooms , 2 of which have ensuites
All bedrooms have velux windows.
Outside office
Outside storage
Family bathroom
Underfloor heating throughout.

It needs some love and attention ( read money ) to rectify a few things and bring it back upto scratch.

Its a super shell to work with. It has charm and character with things like walls that are not straight , quirky brick cutouts and pointing of the mortar that is just next level.

I found myself in the most important part of the house first. The garage. Sure stuff was all over but the silver money machine was dry and safe

As you will note its drastically larger than the other garage!

This is a view inside the house a few hours after completion :

All the rooms need re-decorating.
The floors need sanding and sealing ( we knew about this )
Three pillars need replastering and their damp proofing redone ( we knew about this too )

Lounge. Needs flue cleaning and firebricks are damaged. Wood is yellow off white.

Stairs and landing are “fine”. I want the antler light to come down. It’s too bloody high!

This is wife Bond and I temporary room.

This will be our room once painted

My office.

Son 2 temp room

This is son 2 room that is going to be painted ASAP too

This morning while having a brew I have removed a cracked panel heater from the wall.

It’s blown the plaster behind ( doh ) but I have a man that can coming tomorrow to sort some other plaster so I’ll ask very nicely if he can make up a tiny bit more …

This evening I have changed over 25 of the 56 GU10 bulbs from 35w to 3.6w

One bastard is resisting me but I’ll win.

Todays tasks are plastering and silicon sealing

The plaster has blown in a few places due to damp

Then some siliconing as this stuff had gone black

Also hand scrubbed some of the floor. It was grim


thats a beautiful house

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Today I have mostly been playing with under floor heating.

You know with traditional rads you just out your hand on them to check if they are getting warm? You can’t do that with UFH!

I have spoken to an expert and he reckons leave the programmable unit set to ON, but reduce the UFH temps on the thermostat.

I’ll monitor that as I scared myself using £10 a DAY in gas…

Also plumbed in the washing machine

I have managed to start to look at jobs that need doing before the decorator comes and little jobs.

Things like putting the TV bracket up. Rather annoyingly there is a plug that is visible. I do not want to raise the TV as it’s perfect eyeline.

I also have been looking at the boiler and then reprogrammed a plipper for the gate

This morning I tried to get a shower.

The water wouldn’t get warm but the tap did. Sounds a lot like a failing / failed mixer to me.

I’ll add it to my list.

Noted the the “main” bathroom has tiles that have lifted, or lifting. I’ll get those up and hopefully get some new, better, larger ones down. I hope it’s been done on self levelling and with a membrane so the floor can shift a bit.

Also got broadband into the place this morning. Still awaiting sky to tell me it’s active, but it is.

Really starting to feel like it’s my place now with our items around us starting to appear.

Got a plumber coming this afternoon to look at a stinky loo.

Other key dates include decorator coming Monday to do 3 rooms , then again end off Jan.

I was also bitterly disappointed with the state of the floor so I have a man that can coming over early next year.

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Love underfloor heating.

Whats the pan with the house? just live?

If its ok to ask, or PM. what did it sent you back. I imagine only £1 instead of the usual 50p due to being upnorth. and you’ve an open hearth too!

It’s UFH throughout! I am debating to shift to a air source heat pump as we don’t need 70+ degC water. My mixes are at 45 deg C and are great at that temp.

House is a funny one price wise. It’s in a fairly rural village that has no real benefits like a railway near. Single bus in and out daily. It would be hard to commute unless you get in the car.

Visible plug is an easy fix. New, bigger TV!