Hello? Hello?! Testing 1.2.3

Is anyone out there?

Da Baby Knock GIF by Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

Loads :joy::+1:

I have thread updates soon

Yes I’m on here a lot! :joy:

I try and post on instagram routinely and keep using #exigesdotcom

I check in every day on the site. I know not as busy as it has been but still an invaluable resource


You are a top man for doing the exiges instagram. I really appreciate that.

Quiet time of the season I guess?

Let’s see what the new year brings us.

Would love some s3 owners and resources to appear.

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I will put an update in my topic tomorrow! A big one.

I will add the hashtag to on insta, with my fake exige lol

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SORN’d mine today. Wont move now till March when it has a major service and new toe links fitted.

I need to find a new dashboard air vent section (banana shaped bit that has windscreen air vents) as mine is warped.
Mohawk roof would be nice over winter but the stock 220 roof wont sell.
Fancy a new rear wing, something like this…https://www.elise-shop.com/carbon-fibre-adjustable-rear-spoiler/

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Those rear CF wings are nice, I have one on my car :+1:

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Hopefully a new build thread from me in the first quarter of next year :+1:

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Slightly off topic to the thread title but on the back of johnfishcurtis comments…. Have you made any enquiries with Jon Seal about their mohawks? It’s on my wish list so I’m not in a position to splash out on one until later next year but it looks like he’ll be one of the few sources to get one

I’m not keeping up these days. Car SORN-ed. but enjoying Instagram stuff

I have looked at the Mohawk from Jon Seal. Good quality, just need painting & seals fitting. You will also need a roof lining.

I’m holding out for a stock roof that just needs painting

I’m hoping this pic is visible as I’ve had a few hiccups trying to post but in consultation with AndyB I’m testing this here. It’s a shot from above the pits at Reims, by the way.


It worked and looking stunning Thommo. I’m determined to get up to a NYLOC meet one day to get a picture with ours together … :+1:


We won’t be alone, a third yellow is a Nyloc regular. Rarely posts here but top bloke, top car. Would be fun to get together.
Keep it in mind for 2024

Loving the window Exiges.com sticker.

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I wonder if I could get some new ones made up?


Would Dan @ Divine Handcraft make some?