Hello from new Exige Owner

Hello everyone, I just imported a Titanium Silver 2001 Exige S1 from France to Italy.

Currently undergoing some maintenance as it has been neglected for some time. And dealing with a limp mode.

I have never had a Lotus and was originally looking for a clean S1 135 - it is hard to resist the fascinating crazy concept of the Exige S1 and who am I to resist?

It has around 30,000km, a larini exhaust (not correct) and Nitron suspensions.

I am hoping to be able to share some driving impressions soon when we will get rid of the ecu problem

I look forward to reading about the journey…oh and pics :ok_hand:

Thanks! I was trying to upload them unsuccessfully

As above! Looking forward to the trials and tribulations of your journey

Questo è bello

Welcome! Can’t wait to hear more of your S1 experiences. What’s the history of the car?

Thanks! Found it last summer in the south of France, it has maintenance receipts for the past 10 years for maintenance mainly, distribution updated 4000kms ago and 2 years ago, they also did the head at that time.

Since I got it I replaced all 4 rotors and pads, spark plugs, radiator and hoses, cooling fan (preventative) and did the fluids.

The ridiculous thing is that I have not driven it yet! A friend of mine tested it last year for me and apparently it was running fine that time.

I guess it’s my luck…

Thanks for the update. Hoping for a run out in mine tonight in the sunshine.

How do you find the production number of my Exige?

Lift the “bonnet” and its the last three digits on the long VIN number on the sticker mounted to the right as you look at the car from the front (at least on right hand drive cars it is). With LHD it might be on the left as you look at the car from the front?

found it, mine is 261!

These numbers mean so much to me:

2 is the number of ears that I have
6 is the number of girls i slept with simultaneously in my dreams
1 is the number of Lotuses that I own

Welcome… stunning Exige :+1:

I’m concerned by your calculation as mine is 501, which leaves my dream girl scenario a little empty…

You mentioned the Larini exhaust not being correct is that because you wanted an original exhaust?

ahah I think in your case it was 10 girls, hence the 0.

I have a Larini for an Elise, not an Exige.
I can tell that because the tip of the muffler is receded into the rear clam. The proper Exige exhausts do stick out more to avoid “burns”.

I also can say that because it was on the invoice that it was for the Elise :sunglasses: :laughing:

Haha well that’s pretty definitive as evidence. I was interested as my last Exige had a Larini exhaust and I thought it very good :+1:

Cracking reply​:joy:You’ll clearly be at home here :+1:

I have never driven an Exige. how do they drive? Are they snappy? Momentum car?
I have had mid engine cars before (NSX, Gated 360 Modena) but I am wondering if the Exige has its own “style” of driving.

Sorry, I am having to recur to my imagination given I cannot drive the car yet!

Its all about the setup really. I drive a s2 so it will be a little different I am sure but for me the geo is key. You can have it set to understeer, netural or be a little tail happy. I have mine set to be neutral unless provoked.

The end will wiggle but there is certainly a point of no return. You get a feel for that.

The limits of the car are far beyond what I can achieve but I have done a fair few trackdays in the car and am learning everytime whilst becoming slightly more aware of the cars characteristics

Saw the post on Instagram - very nice :+1::sunglasses:

Now time for a tune - she is richer than my first girlfriend