Hello from new Exige Owner

Top off-roading too :ok_hand::smile:

Parking in Milan is hard man!

Ditto. Agreed

I picked up the Exige yesterday and drove around the Como lake for a bit. It’s hell but it’s heaven and I am super happy with it.

I left it at a shop which carried out some odd old recalls and calibrated the APS. He also said that there was a breather pipe that was disconnected, fixing this helped quite a bit with idling and in general the car felt more responsive.

I enjoyed my little drive of 200kms, finally passing total of 40k km. The only unpleasant thing is that I discovered that this car does not have LSD. This will be addressed soon when I will decide to fix the occasional 2 to 3rd gear grind.

I was able to secure an Emerald K6 so I will drop the car off at Cerini Lotus for install and tune. Additionally I bought some Magnacore cables, Verniers and O2 wodeband.

I will also ask them to check and adjust the valves tolerances. Anything else “while you are in there”?

I will also install a sandwich plate for the oil gauges - currently need to source the oil temp and pressure ones.

Fun fact, one of the first owners was in Monaco and his name is Alex Pasta, apparently he was a WRC driver at some point.

I just now that the door line of this car is lower than a truck’s tire: scary.

The s1 exige looks simply stunning. Always helped by a beautiful Italian backdrop.

I think so - I always liked its looks, I didn’t know I was going to like it as much in grey

Wonderful, keep us updated.

Not Como . . . but Maggiore

Italy has wonderful roads. I recommend also the area near Panoramica Zegna and the Oropa monastery, just west of lago Maggiore.

Thanks for the tip. That pic is from 2016, I think but, sadly, I don’t expect to be back anytime soon.

Did another 200kms before dropping it off for the ecu map work.

I swapped cars with a friend who has a base S1 and man, what a difference. Overall the S1 felt more “touring” and GT, with a lazy turn in and an engine that said everything it needed to say at 5000rpms.

Very cool car anyway, with more torque down low to make it friendlier to drive. But…I will keep my Exige thanks :smiley:

Picture to show how rich the map is :face_with_peeking_eye:

Yep that’s certainly rich :smile::smile::smile: