GT3 kitted car forsale

Looking to see if anyone knows of the green GT3 kitted car thats for sale justnow, I’m in talks with the garage owner about a possible deal with my porsche.
Looks to be a well built car and ideal for my needs of fun/track car , not sure if there is a build/project thread anywhere of the build ?

Unfortunately I know nothing about it but it does look the part. Colour suits it

yeah looks great

There was a build thread here but all the posts have since been individually deleted by the OP. There are some moody end of project images on Seloc somewhere…

Much like my S2 project I’m sure it was a good idea at the time :smiley: Would I by it now :confused:

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That’s N17VES’s old car that Jonnyboy sold on his behalf I believe. Was a CAT D but very nicely done…try contacting either on Seloc.

Really a Cat D I didn’t know that, before or during his tenure Rob?

I could be totally wrong JF, if I am I apologise. I’ll try to find out.

TBH Rob the first I saw of the finished car was on that Seloc thread, he never updated it on here and strangely deleted his posts.

Just heard back from Jonnyboy as I Pm’d him. Was a Cat D prior to Nick’s ownership but plenty of money spent on it.

It was built predominantly as a road car, that was his main goal at the time. I’m not sure of its ability on track or if it’s ever seen one since it was built…

Reading the spec on piston heads, it states the use of spacers to widen the overall track and fill the bodywork.

definitely not something I’d want on the car for track use, or even road use for that matter!! Budget buying a proper set of wheels with the correct offsets and probably stiffer suspension too. It’ll be soft as shit I’d imagine once you start loading it up through the corners.

It’s a nice road car, execpt for those spacers! Horrible.

Yip i noticed that , the garage owner sent me some pics and it runs bolt to hub spacers around 25mm I would guess.
Ive run small spacer in the past on track but 10mm max so a custom set of wheels would be a plan would think it would require something close to 17x9 ET 0 to fill the rear without spacers.

braid seem to be doing some good low offset wheels on demon tweeks, for money that’d not break the bank

Pretty sure the GT3 had longer wishbones also , I remember asking Lanzante a few years ago for a bloke on here building the orange one , can’t remember the correct size wheels they said but it’s on an old thread somewhere .
Agreed that spacers are a bodge after going to all that trouble .

This may be the same car as it was originally orange, looks like a deal may be done tomorrow so will update this then.

I would think longer wishbones could be made to increase the track , but would then mean longer drive shafts. I think I would rather go for a lower ET wheels.

I wouldn’t say spacers are a bodge unless they are stupidly wide , Porsche will happily sell a set of spacers and actually offer them as parts of there upgrades from the factory.

I have always been of the mind that, if wheels spacers are hub centric and bolted on correctly, it is just the same as having a different ET wheel (unless they are massive obviously), nobody would look twice at a wheel with an ET difference of say 35, but would look badly on a set of hub centric spacers of 15mm?

A bodge in as much as the GT3 didn’t have wheel spacers , not sure Newey would have liked them .

A bodge is a bodge. Regardless of Porsche doing it I still think spacers are a bodge

Well I ended up taking the car in a px deal with my Porsche . Looks like it will be a fun car , few plans and parts already in mind.

Congratulations Neil well done, enjoy. Spill the beans then :wink:

Not having a sensible ET is the biggest issue here if we are getting into this a bit. The wheel bearing should be in the centre of the wheel, so as little sideways load is put on it as possible. That’s why most standard road wheels are all about ET50 on a 7 to 8 inch width wheel. Running silly low ET’s either with spacers or a one off wheel, is not a good idea for bearing life. Putting big fat sticky tyres only make the problem worse too. Lengthened wishbones and driveshafts is the proper way to do it, but obviously the most difficult, costly and time consuming by a huge margin.

I’m not a fan of spacers either, but if they are hub-centric and nicely made I don’t think there is that much of an issue with them really. Just my opinion of course.