Nice one Bob…good colour too!

Nice but how much for insurance I thought they got me good

yeah radiculas aint it!! iv got no no claims and 3 points (parking offence)

Will you be tracking it?

i wasnt originally intending to but having driven it, i think its a must really to get the most out of it, by the time you on the 2nd cam in 3rd your already at 80 mph! and i dont like speeding as i dont want any more points! so i speed upto the limit but not past it. which in this car is hard to do as your pretty much at 70 in 2nd?!

Would could not recomend it enough. The car really comes into its own

Sign up to Lotus on Track for some decent cheapish track days.

Hi BOB looking at the piccies you could be a prime candidate to join 10 (or so - inc 240R Chassis No1 :slight_smile: Exige owners at ?

We meet at the Buckles Inn on the A64 last Tues every month

Nice Mota - See you on the A1 sometime!



That looks stunning, can’t wait to get mine now…

Over �360 per month for insurance
Christ I’m glad I’m old, the price for my new car (Exige 240 Cup) is �650 all in, including trackdays…

Your insurance premium is enough to make me cry!

I have a full NCB, am 50 and in a respectable profession. My fully comp. insurance in Switzerland excludes all track use.

When I did my international racing licence course in 2003, the Automobile Club Switzerland (ACS) who organised the course (they are something like the RAC in the UK) offered cover for the course: maximum available cover was Swiss Francs 40,000.00. Excess was SFr.10,000.00 and the premium was SFr. 1,000.00

To get cover for a track day, is even more expensive: firstly the car has to be inspected and verified with signature to be A1 by the organisers immediately prior to the event, then the cover options are as follows (are you sitting down?) :

For SFr 50,000.00 cover: SFr 10,000.00 excess, premium SFr 3,200.00 per day.

For SFr100,000.00 cover: SFr 20,000 excess, premium Sfr 5,600.00 per day (at an rate of 2.25 francs per pound, that means nearly �2,500 pounds premium for 1 days cover.

Compared to your “all in” �650 per annum, for the same cover, I would pay my regular road insurance premium PLUS an extra �91,000.00 for the trackday cover

How can this possibly be rationally explained?

Jesus Christ!!! Time to move mate!


You get the feeling that insurers in Switz. don’t like the risks somehow?

I just wonder how they calculate the risks on someone doing trackdays � bit off a difference between �700 and �90,000. Would love to hear an insurance specialist explain how such discrepancies can be (all other things being equal).

and in switzerland we do not have tracks!!!

Not entirely true! Ligni�res hasbeen re-surfaced and re-opened � but no racing is allowed (banned in Switzerland after the Le Mans 1955 blood bath) � only timed laps, etc.

I drove at once Ligni�res in the mid-eighties � a bit Micky Mouse, but better than nothing… Hockenheim and Anneau du Rhin are the nearest real tracks for me… both several hours away.

Christ I’m glad I’m old, the price for my new car (Exige 240 Cup) is �650 all in, including trackdays…


As a matter of interest, whereabouts do you live, which Insurance Co/Broker, & is there an annual mileage limit??

Live in Peterborough, the car is garaged, 7500 miles pa. 8 year NCD and I’m 40. No points either. Includes 4 trackdays, fully comp + commuting.
I have to have a tracker fitted as the cars value is over �40K (�46K to be precise )

Insurance with CCI

That really is a good price… CCI quoted me that for mine. Went with Autotorque again this year @ �455.

So why am I paying Footman James, Lotus’s recommended company, �500 for my S1 Exige with 1500 limited miles and �500 for my everyday Alfa! Im 40, no points, 23 years NCB, although I do live in NE3 close to Newcastle city centre…am I being ripped off?

How the hell are you going to stick to doing 1500 miles a year in it?, over the summer I was doing that over about 2 weeks.