Goodbye Picasso, hello Dolly!


So the V6 Cup has sold this week, im very sad. Had someone asked me last August if would I sell my V6 Cup, I would have politely told them which exit they needed to get off. No way, not for sale, its my creation, youre not having it.

However, back in September last year…

  • RInG RinG *
  • Hello.

  • Alright Gav, It’s Russ from Lotus, how are you?

  • Good thanks mate, you?

-Same old, same old. Listen, the reason for my call. You know the pre-production Evora GTE’s youve been asking us to sell you everytime you have been here? (which is quite a few times)

  • Yes…

-Well, we (Lotus Motorsport) have been given them as a project. We are going to build 20 cars out of the 30 rolling chassis we have. 4 rhd, 16 lhd, thats all there is going to be. interested?

-Oh God YES! (keep in mind i have been lusting after one since i first saw one back in 2011/12 at Lotus).

  • How much?

  • (he proceeds to tell me the cost)

  • Yes, but i dont have all the money right now. I can pay the deposit but ill have to sell the Cup to release funds… May take a while

  • No worries, we are doing the project over the next 6months or so, gives you time to sell but it will likely be one of the LHD cars we offer as we are doing the 4x RHD first (money back in the pot etc etc). Still interested?

  • Oh God YES, not bothered what side of the car i sit so long as i can own one!

  • Best get your ass down then and pick out which one you want before the rest who have shown interest arrive!

So the very next week i trundle down to see them and choose a car. They are all slightly different from the pre-production run. differnet colours, diffent seats, internal trim, some have raw finish carbon roofs and A pillars some have painted carbon roof… You get the idea, so it was a case of - choose wisely, Gav, choose wisely!

This is the one I picked.

So as sad as selling the Cup car was, i wont be down hearted for too long!

I know it not everyones cup of tea, but to me the GTE is the best looking car lotus have ever made.

Cant wait, should have it for summer.

Not bad, mate.

In fact, that’s drop dead gorgeous -well done :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Cheers Rob, wait til you see it in the flesh. Whatever it took, i had to have one!

That looks bloody amazing Gav :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

That looks bloody fabulous Gav…
Well done that man
Quick question, Have you gone for an Auto? That is one big brake pedal.

:clap: That looks superb Gav good choice.

Congrats, looks very nice. What other colours were available at the time?

No, it is going to be a manual.

All off them are being stripped down to pretty much a bare chassis and being rebuilt.

New engine, wiring looms, subframes, manual gearbox, brakes, suspension, fresh paint. Etc. Etc. Itbwill be as good as a new car when they have finished it.

need to decide if im going to keep the stripes when i gets repainted. Bit racey for the use im going to be giving it so thinking just plain silver.

Cheers Guys,

From what i remember -

8x black
2x white
2x blue
1x silver
1x red
2x yellow
3x grey
1x carbon

That was the original list, i know they have changed a couple of them over from the other ten that were avilable. I ill fond out what the latest count is soon

Some of them have already been pre-registered back in 2012, mine above will be coming on a 15 plate as its an unregistered chassis.

Absolutely brilliant, love it Gav. Glad the timing worked out.

That looks fantastic Gav, looks great as it is with the stripes IMO

Bagsy a pax when you get it


Awesome machine

Engine? Any special tweeks going into the build?


Absolutely awesome Gav, really awesome :sunglasses:

That really is the cherry on the cake. The GavT3, 211, Sport160 and now this fine machine,…you are a very lucky boy!

I can’t wait to see it,…it will have to be something special to eclipse the GavT3, love that car

Agree. Best looking car Lotus have ever produced. Or equal to the original Elite.
Well done. gav

Different animal all together, although it is a LMS project they are really GT cars, not track cars despite the overall apperance of them. The wont stand up to banging around in circles too much.

Funny you mention GavT3, when i first showed Xanthe the pictures and said “should i buy it?”, she replied -

“looks like something you would have built” that pretty much sealed the deal (got to have mrss approval on that sort of spend).


I wont argue with that Clive, both stunning machines.

No, just as it comes Tim. There are a couple of bits i can choose which way to go as they strip it down with regards to the trim level in the cabin etc. Stripes i have already mentioned (what do we reckon then, painted stripes or not?).

Was just speaking to John about this yesterday. The engine is going to be the same output as the std evora and V6 exige, 350hp.

The GTE’s were suppose to have 440hp or whatever but tbh, the 350hp that is in the Exige Cup i could never fully exploit on the roads, id be changing up gears at 5.5k and getting into 4th at those sort of revs sees you well over double figures on the speedo. Not that you couldnt do it, but youd become a public menace if you tried to extract every last inch from it in my view.

The same power output in a heavier car should bring it all about right in my book for the intended road use it will see, ill be able to use all the power, use the full rev range and most of the gears without feeling too much of a cock to other road users.

So i will be more than happy with what it comes with as std, as i will be able to use the car to it full extents.

One of the reasons i love the S1 sport 160 is you get to use so much of the car everytime you drive it.