Good race car colours?????????????????????

OK, we can’t bloody decide what colour to paint the car for next year. I have to admit that I didn’t really love the satin black look, and with that well weathered and the new rear clam which is white gel coat, it all needs painting again.

I want to do it all one colour, as when it was four colours it was a nightmare to touch up.

So what colour???

It has to look good with the wheels I have and it has to look good with stickers on, so come on goive me some suggestions.

Our thoughts are white, Puple (similiar to Junks’s car), Red, but to be honest I’m not sold on anything yet, so what do people think will look good??


If you are using those beautiful Black alloys with the chrome outter dish, then i think that it would look awesome painted all over in Kawasaki Green with some tasteful and not to overdone yellow stripes/graphics…

Everyone to their own but I love this colour combination or all white with black wheels, spoiler, wing mirrors and roof scoop?

You’ve got the engine, now get the colour:


You’ve got the engine, now get the colour:

[image]>> [/image]

Didn’t they do the HONDA jazz in this colour also !!!

Didn’t they do the HONDA jazz in this colour also !!!

Aye they did, but I’m not aware of any Jazz engines being used in Lotus conversions

That colour (as a base) would actually work on a race car though (I am being serious), & it would be photogenic.

You tart Pesk, lol. That colour is about as photogenic as you mate!!!

You tart Pesk, lol. That colour is about as photogenic as you mate!!!

Okay, Mate, now you’ve twisted my arm, I’ve often thought that the Exige S1 would look fantastic in the blue used by Renault race cars (new & old), & there’s something similar shown amongst this impressive group:

[image]Home | MoslerAuto

Luminous yellow or scandal or krypton green

Luminous yellow or scandal or krypton green

You going for one of each, seeing as you’ve got enough cars to do it, whilst leaving the red one, red?

I need to get rid of some, its getting out of hand now

Check this out Sean then click on ‘customise your CCX’…ok so its not an S1 but its a bloody good computer generated graphics package where you can choose nearly any colour imaginable for the exterior, interior and accs.
P.S. Theres also a fantastic picture of it on page 20 of this months EVO in black and red, it looks the dogs b@llocks, bet the S1 would too!
P.P.S. Its also pictured here

Cool man, cheers guys!!!

Another vote for Krypton/Pistachio green here

Radioactive shock green or light / royal blue…

Or what about the JPS Gold and Black, or even the Type 49 Gold Leaf colours or how about the Gulf Racing or Martini Racing livery?

Gulf racing sounds good, but I’m not sure on the Martini livery.
Imagine it, the first WRC Exige…

For battle damage / touch up convenience, I’d go for a cellulose (if thats still available!) non-metallic colour and select one which you can get in aerosol form. Keep painted stripes etc away from wings or think about using “vehicle wrap” for small areas of colour change.

As for colour, search with for 000’s of pictures of race cars…

Have fun choosing!

Yeah I have made my mind up to go for a single, non metalic colour, for ease of touching up etc.

I’m taking it in to get painted on Thursday, so I better hurry up and make my mind up. Doh!!!