Everyone seems to have their own closely guarded geo spec. I am finding on my AD08R that I am getting a touch of understeer when zooming along and hit a roundabout.

Anyone recommend some geo settings to work with?

For reference I am on nitrons and around 120mm height. 205 fronts and standard width rears.

I prefer a neutral corner rather than understeer or in fact oversteer.

Any advice is appreciated.

fit the bump steer reduction kit and consider running the front a little lower than the rear

finally make sure the tyre pressures are ok

similar to this

Thanks for that.

My front is a tiny bit lower than the rear.

Any offers / suggestions on toe etc?

Have a read the lotus 211 setup is good?

Andy, these are the settings I’ve had on my two S2s. Very similar as you can see:

On my Elise I had adjustable suspension and ran with a tiny bit of rake as you describe, I would describe that car as understeer on entry but very easy to balance it through the turn by adjusting the throttle. Inspired lots of confidence but not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

On my Exige, I’m struggling with rear grip but have a very pointy front end. I believe this is down to my rear tyres being shagged - so that’s being resolved before my next track day. It feels like the Exige will turn in to absolutely anything, but the rear doesn’t agree - and often end up having to catch the car on entry which is knocking confidence and slowing me down a bit.

If I can get my Exige handling like my Elise did, I’m going to be a pretty happy boy - right now I feel I’m a bit slower in the corners and just making time up everywhere else… superchargers do that though I guess.

Thats very useful [mention]Fonzey[/mention] , thanks.

Your description seems exactly what I am experiencing with my exige at the minute - understeer on entry. I find that quite offputting. I dont want oversteer everywhere ( like my old c63! ) but I want a bit more direct / point with the front end.

Maybe have a tinker with your tyre pressures before touching anything else, it’s the easiest thing to do DIY I guess but harder to find a consistent point whilst driving on the road I suppose.

I’ve never run AD08Rs before so can’t suggest any specifics - but just try dropping a bit of pressure from the fronts to see if that balances things up a bit.

Got cold 22F 24R at the moment. Ill double check them later this week


You may find the attached an interesting read…

The video is really illuminating!

It references Milliken and Milliken which is the bible for race car set up. You will see that slip and loss of grip is a bit of a misnomer. As suggested, tyres and pressures are a really good place to start as is geometry.


I shall watch with interest.

I would really like something go off though. I could tweak the pressures and never find the right setting due to it being a mile out.

Ill use the ones listed above and work with pressures.

I get exactly what is being said with the video listed above now.

Going to add a couple of pounds to see if its the lateral movement that I am experiencing.

My advice would be to ditch the AD08R…

I’m completely guessing having never run AD08R myself but those pressures seem pretty low for a road setup. You’re unlikely to generate more than a pound or two with road driving I guess.

I always aim for 30psi on my tyres as a starting point (hot), it’s just a nice round number. You’re unlikely to want to go higher than that on a performance tyre - so by starting at one end of the spectrum you can just incrementally work your way down.

Really? They are much , much better than the V105 that it replaced.

It seems about right based on looking around for the exige. I am going to add in 2psi more front and rear and compare mind

I have just been out and adjusted the pressures.
Increased front to 26 ( it was 24 ) and 28 rears.

Spotted a slight issue with the front left at 16. I guess thats where my understeer was coming from! Oooops

Still would like some ballpark figures to work with for the geo. Ill use the ones suggested above unless anyone can give me another starter for 10?

The settings that I posted seem fairly ‘standard’. Track Torque in Tockwith did mine and I compared with another chap on a LoT day a few weeks ago and his settings (applied by Olly @ Phoenix) were exactly the same.

Works for me! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I run 24 26 on mine (AD08r)… I used to have ‘Randy’ spec geo on mine which had rake and almost eliminated understeer, but for the road the front was just too low. I now have a fast road setup from Back on Track - there is a smidge of understeer if I really push hard, but the rear is a bit more stable and I don’t have issues every time there is a hump in the road :slight_smile:

I am going to regret asking this. Whats randy spec?

Well handled at the front and loose in the back?