Forza motorsport XBOX

Just got an “evaluation” copy of Forza Motorsport for Xbox (yes I will buy it when it gets in the shops so i can play Live)

After a days play, it is much harder than project gotham 2, handling seems more lifelike, especially breaking, which as in most road cars doesn’t work. Damage model is huge plus compared to GT4 on PS2, none of your riding round on the barriers and nudging peeps out the way, one big hit and the cars crabs and misses gears and all sorts.

All in all it seems like a winner to me, better than GT4 in my opinion becuase of the added realism and risk of damage, but the handling is also top notch.

S2 exige is available if you earn it, and can be used from the word go in arcade mode, tried it on Nurburgh ring and smashed it to bits

All in all it looks like a winner and worthy of a purchase, especially when it goes Live in 2 weeks.


Agreed Soggster, it’s an awesome game.

Very good handling (compared to GT4) close racing, and as you say damage.

I recommend everyone buys it !

So you guys say it’s got the Nurburgring as well?

Thinking on buying one to learn the track…

Yep, it’s got the Nurburgring + Silverstone

So which tracks does the PS2 have then?

Just trying to compare one with the other, as I had already decided on the PS2…

Get an XBox, it’s a much better console… And broadband and XBox live, all fully integrated and very cool! The amount of fun and laffs I’ve had on PGR2 and XBox Live is just to big so say how worth while the whole purchase has been!

Xbox is where it’s at

Agreed, Xbox is the kiddy for me, I don’t use my PS2 at all any more. Forza and Xbox live will be THE racing choice in 2005. Word of warning for Forza, don’t try and be clever and run with ABS off like I did, it doesn’t really work without a wheel as the modulation isn’t enough with the triggers. Just got onto the professional racing and it’s getting tough now. Trying to get the Exige so I can modify it, but not quite there yet.

Real life tracks I’ve played so far are

Laguna Seca
Road America
Road Atlanta
Tokyo Circuit

My Xbox ID is Soggster if anyone wants to add me to friends list.

I found doing a few laps of Silverstone in a 996 GT3 RS was great fun… the way you can bleed in the oversteer, rather than having cartoon/arcade style squeeling/tail out sillyness… I like the way going off the track messes you up too (rather than being an extension of the circuit)

But there must be a valid steering wheel with feedback, right?

(I got the impression that Soggster was using the keyboard)

He’ll be using the gamepad with analouge triggers

But I’ve not seen a decent XBox steering wheel… But would be tempted…

I use a wheel and pedals, or the standard hand controller. Depends on the track and what mood I’m in really. I find I get slower times with the wheel, but it’s more rewarding.

So which is the best wheel to get? does it have feedback?

If I’m not much mistaken, you can use the Microsoft Sidewinder wheels (you may need to buy a USB adapter)

Or check this out

Until recently, the best wheel was the MOMO Logitech (which I have)


It’s USB, force-feedback and a quality piece of kit.

However, it doesn’t work with GT4! Don’t know about Forza/Xbox.

Logitech bought out a new force-feedback wheel for GT4. It has 900o movement so is the closest to a real car yet.


It doesn’t have the lovely leather of the MOMO but I’m going to get it. I can’t decide whether to part with the MOMO though.

The ring is the best GT4 track, although it does have Monaco, some Jap circuits and Leguna too.

The game to wait for though is GT5 due Q3 next year with the PS3!


why doesn’t the MOMO work with every game ?

GT4 is set-up for a 900o wheel. The MOMO is only 270o. It probably works with every other game and I’ve really enjoyed using it for hours with GT3.


ahh hah… now i see.

|Only thing… Bizarrely the XBox doesn’t have USB, it’s all funny ports

It’s a right PITA!

I think you can get some sort of usb to xbox gizmo because the xbox ports are basically USB already, but just in a different shape. I think…