Fookin Rozzers - VERDICT ADDED

:imp: :imp: :imp:

That is all…

Oh dear :frowning:

Jist been on a speed awareness course myself. .
82 feckin quid :frowning:

Should have left the ‘go faster’ mods on the car mate!!! :smiley:

Come on… do tell! :wink:

What happened Tim after you dropped me off mate?

Didn’t we :unamused:

Ooh, let’s be 'avin you . . .

Good Cop, then Bad Cop. All on one trip home from Knockhill.

I’ll do an update when I’m better informed and less pi$$ed off :sick:

Sorry that you had problems with the fuzz on the way home Tim.

Not like you to get so wound up mate!

Hope all gets sorted…

Summons arrived today :imp:

Fingers x’d leniency is shown m8

To quote my learned friend “Utter Bollocks”.

Just been fined £100 for L8 8PEX :frowning:

Government are on a win win here … every year the dvla auction off these plates that spell out words then fine people for using them…as if that’s not enough they also charge 80 quid for a swap over from car to car !!!
I learnt this lesson many years ago.
They don’t get this kinda revenue from me nowadays .

You’re a criminal of the highest order and have rightfully been banged to rights.
I rest my case

Where do I send my fees?

Why don’t the rozzers just calibrate their ANPR cameras so that they can read the letters in non standard spacing, in order to allow the motorists to have a little bit of enjoyment in car ownership? Joy stealing feckers :thumbdown:

They can already. There is a case already where a judge has already dismissed a case on such grounds as above but this guy said on the spot no go to court grounds.

The judge asked the police officer what the legal plate was and he read it out…the judge replied case dismissed!

Maybe I should have stood my ground but I reckon most judges would support the police.

Years ago when I was about 24 I got stopped and checked (Black Sierra Cosworth) by an arsey copper.
He couldn’t find anything wrong with lights/tyres etc. Then asked me to sound the horn…I refused as it was after 11 pm so he gave me a defect ticket for no horn.
I went to court to explain to the magistrate what had happened and the case was instantly dismissed .
I bet the copper had a stern ticking off from his seargent.

The vast majority of Police are very good but it’s the minority that spoil their reputation as a whole.

Had my brushes with the law in my time, the plates on my car are not correctly spaced and I’m sure one of these days I will get the fine, in reality the car sits in the garage most of the year, I will certainly never by another plate that needs to be modified from legal to make a word or similar. Doesn’t stop me having a cherished plate on my other car as that is just my initials :slight_smile: